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Tuesday 02 June 2009 the Air Component have organized a special press day for the presentation of its 2009 season demo pilots.

The Augusta A-109 display team, Hardship Red flying the SF.260M and the F-16 display team where officialy presented.

Main events as the International Airshow at Koksijde and the Open Door at Beauvechain will be highlighted by their participation on the flying display. You will found all the needed informations about those two major events organized by the Belgian Air Compoment at the end of the page.




N°1 Major Jean-François "Jief" Balon

3,000 flying hours


N°2 Commandant Alain "Papy" Collard

2,370 flying hours


N°3 Commandant Nicolas "Choco" Delfosse

2,050 flying hours


N°4 Captain Kristof "Cloety" Cloetens

2,100 flying hours


Spare Commandant Christophe "Tcholle" Deroubaix

2,100 flying hours


During the 20 minutes of display the team perform standard aerobatic figures taught to student military pilots.


Hardship Red and their technicians Box formation

2nd Lieutenant Richard “Rikke” Jorissen
2,500 flying hours

2nd Lieutenant Igor “Gorky” Craeghs
2,000 flying hours

21 manoeuvres are performed during the 11 minutes of display. The helicopter is a transport version and the team change from helicopter on the 10 displays to avoid structural “fatigue” on a single machine. The used helicopter is equipped with two g-force meters to measure stress on the airframe during the different manoeuvres.

"Igor" and "Rikke", A109 Display team Pitch down

Commandant Avi Michel “Mitch” Beulen
2,200 flying hours

"Mitch" is 33 years old and earned his wings in 1998. He is coming from the 349 squadron based in Kleine Brogel and perform this year his first solo display season. His plane is the FA134, an F-16 MLU/M2 and is wearing a special color sheme in the grey tones.

The display consists of 17 manoeuvres and is performed in 11.5 minutes. The bad weather show is one minute and two manoeuvres shorter.

"Mitch" as F-16AM solo display Knife edge pass



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