Rollout new Belgian Air Component F-16AM demo aircraft

Pictures : Serge Van Heertum / S.B.A.P.

On April 7th, was the Belgian Air Component proud to present the new F-16AM aircraft selected for the 2010 airshow season. The FA110 received a new colour scheme and the specialised press was invited at Kleine Brogel air base for his rollout. The aircraft is set on the MLU M5 standard, the most modern upgrade currently.

For the second year, Cdt "Mitch" Beulen will be the official F-16AM display pilot and is in charge to show the Belgian Air Component know how in the European airshows. This wonderful and modern design was imaginated by Johan Wolfs and Peter Verheyen, with the support of the paintshop team of Kleine Brogel for the realisation.

Rollout of the FA110 F-16A/M  M5 version
Mitch, the designers Peter and Johan with the paintshop team Mitch helmet
Concentration and start up The crew chief
Take off Upper side
Under side Back to the parking
The show was good... ...and the plane wonderful