Mirage BR07 : A RECCE bird as publicity !

Text : Serge Van Heertum - Pictures : Paul Rorive, Serge Van Heertum,Coll SBAP


During a trip in south of France, Colonel ER Paul Rorive, discovered near by Valence at the entrance of an American stock (shop) a Potez CM-175 Zephir from the French Navy. As Fouga demonstrator pilot, it was quite as normal to plan a short stop and have a closer look at this “bird”…Once there, the surprise was total when Paul Rorive saw on the right side and old Belgian Mirage V in real good state. This was the BR07 (another plane bought by SAGEM begin year 2000). After a photo-shoot of the bird, Paul wanted more information about this but sadly the shop was closed and after waiting a while, nobody came…Paul left the area without supplementary information, but now we know that the BR07 is still in quite a good state under the sun of Valence...



The BR07 in 1977 during a RECCE mission (Coll SBAP) Low level break above Bierset on July 21, 1990 (Serge Van Heertum)


The Mirage V BR07 was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in September 1971. The plane did a carreer without any problems and was stored at Weelde in 1994. In the year 2000, the plane was bought and transfered to SAGEM in France for spare parts. But nothing happened with the BR07 and the plane was transfered to the "Dassault Aviation Passion" association. The plane was noted in the hangar of the association in May 2010. So not a long time ago, the BR07 moved to Portes Les Valence to be exposed at the entrance of this military shop and is not for sale as per the informations we have received by phone from the new owner.


What a surprise !
(Paul Rorive)
The BR07 is real good state
(Paul Rorive)
(Paul Rorive) (Paul Rorive)
The BR07 will spent his retirement under the sun of Portes Les Valence
(Paul Rorive)