Beauvechain gate guardian FA113


Source: Baha    Pictures : Serge Van Heertum & 1st Wing Historical Centre website (link)



Lockheed Martin F-16A FA-113 has been erected as a gate guardian at the main entrance (Poste 1) at Beauvechain airbase. This ex inmate of the Beauvechain based 1st Wing Historical Centre had its flying career cut short when on May 12th, 1995 it overturned on landing due to aquaplaning on an extreme wet runway at Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic). Fortunately the Belgian Air Force's first female combat pilot Olt. Anne-Marie Jansen could eject in time and escaped uninjured. Since then the aircraft was restored to static display standards by the 1st Wing Historical Centre volunteers using parts of FA-59. The gate guardian will be officially inaugurated during the Beauvechain Airshow 2010.

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