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As usual almost every year, on the way to the South of France for some vacation, I made a stop midway at Savigny-les-Beaune to have a look on the museum situated in the wide park surrounding the big castle of a wine producer, Mr Michel Pont.

I already knew that he had bought several former Belgian military aircrafts and especially a Mirage V BA-08 which means a lot to me as I made his last flight on January 13, 1994 landing it at Weelde for storage.  It was also my last flight on Mirage before taking a new assignment as CO 7 Sqn in 9 W Trg (St Truiden).

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But this year, passing there at the beginning of September, I had a double surprise.

The Mirage was still in a good position in front of the castle but I saw my name on it!

Furthermore it was there previously beside a French Jaguar. But this time, I discovered a full Belgian corner with an F-104G and an F-16A!

I met the owner, Mr Pont who told me that he had been looking for years for an F-16A to complete his exhibition; thanks to Gen Vande Voorde and the US Military Attaché in France, he succeeded in acquiring this former Belgian F-16. He is really proud of it because he is the only one in France having an F-16A in his collection! As he told me “Even the National Aircraft Museum in Le Bourget doesn’t have any”.

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The Belgian corner in front of the castle

The AMD Mirage VBA  BA08
  With the name of last pilot...

With a Belgian pilot name

The F-16A  FA55  
The 3 fighters Lockheed F-104G
Lockheed Martin F-16A Mister Michel Pont, the owner of the castle and
the aircraft collection with Paul Rorive

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