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Around the Roger Sommer biplane of 1910 the museum proposes the biography of this aviation pioneer, pilot and constructor from 1908 until 1912. Roger Sommer established in 1909 the first flight time record at Chalons-sur-Marne airfield. The replica is the center point of this museum with all around pictures and postcards exposition from Pierre Sommer the son of Roger. It is also interested to note that the replica was a four year work asking more than 5000 work hours. A little, but really interesting museum, and a must for aviation fans who like the early years of aviation. The museum is located short near Sedan at Douzy airfield.


Roger Sommer biplane N°10 This is a full scale replica
  Roger Sommer at the controls...
Model of the 1912 Sommer seaplane A diorama showing the Sommer building at Mouzon
A incredible pictures collection is proposed : Sommer monoplane Biplane Sommer 1910
Roger Sommer flying his Farman III The passengers of the Sommer Aerobus are:
Henri Visseaux, his cousin - The French Lt Hanne and his Indochinian technician
and mostly the two Belgian brothers Tony and José Orta, military aviation pionneer (14-18)
and later on for civilian aviation. Student pilots of Roger Sommer, Tony got his licence in 1911.
But sadly José was victim of a crash and got his license later in 1916.
Tony Orta, was member of the Taganyka squadron in 1916, was also the founder of the LARA and the Sabena lines in Congo. Tony Orta ended his cerreer in 1950 as President and Administrator of the Belgian Company.
(Informations thanks to Mr Dominique Van Impe)

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Roger Sommer at the controls of his Farman III in 1910  

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