Memorial of Verdun
Text & Pictures: Bruno Ghils - ęSBAP 2013 

The Fleet Air Arm museum was created in 1964 to preserve the Royal Navy flight patrimony. This prestigious museum is located on the active base of RNAS Yeovilton, not far away from the city of Bristol in Somerset. This active base is the home of many active squadrons equipped with Sea King, Sea Lynx, and of course the famous Royal Navy Historical Flight. Yeovilton was also the home base of Sea Harrier and Phantom F.4 FG.1 until the retirement of those aircraft.
Operations Units
Fleet Air Arm Flying Squadron
702 Naval Air Squadron, Lynx Mk3 & Mk8, Lynx Training
815 Naval Air Squadron, Lynx Mk3 & Mk8, Operational on Frigates and Destroyers
845 Naval Air Squadron, Sea King Mk4, Royal Marines Commando Support
846 Naval Air Squadron, Sea King Mk4, Royal Marines Commando Support
847 Naval Air Squadron, Lynx AH Mk7, Reconnaissance & Attack Helicopters
848 Naval Air Squadron, Sea King Mk4, Royal Marines Commando Support
727 Naval Air Squadron, Grob Tutor, Basic flight Training
Other Flying  Units
Naval Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing)
Heron Flight
Royal Navy Historic Flight
Training units
Royal Navy School of Fighter Control
Royal Navy School Of Aircraft Control
Underwater Escape Training Unit
Royal Marines Units
Royal Marines Armored Support Group
Commando Helicopter Force
The museum has a particularly rich collection of Royal Navy aircraft but also some unique pieces of history or prototypes, all of them linked to the aircraft carrier of her Gracious Majesty.
The exhibition is divided into four different halls, 100 years of flight, World War II & Korea, Aircraft carrier experience, Prototypes & industry. All aircraft and related items are presented in a real didactic way, highlighting the Royal Navy flying history.
In the different halls some dedicated sections are presented, like the Falkland war, the Royal Navy in Korea or the famous battle of the Atlantic. In one word: all the conflicts where the Fleet Air Arm was involved and demonstrated its great value.
Hall 3 has to be emphasized, because of the amazing representation of a flight deck during the F.4 Phantom, Buccaneer and Fairey Gannet period.
In another part of the base, I had the opportunity to visit a special hall not accessible to the public, the Cobham Hall.
This hangar is the reserve and restoration center of the museum. This place contains lot of aeronautical treasures like a Supermarine 510, the pre-series Buccaneer and many other flying machines like the Westland Wasp, Whirlwind, and the Wessex. Also unmanned aircraft, missiles and vehicles are preserved and will be restored and presented in the future, what makes this museum very active and evolving.
More than 50 aircraft exposed, more than 50 aircraft to be restored, are you ready to follow me? Ready? Go for the catapult!


BAE Sea Harrier FA2

Westland Lynx HMA8
Hall 1  
Bae Sea Harrier FA2
Westland Lynx HAS3 Westland Sea King HAS6
Fairey Firefly TT4 Vickers Walrus I
Hall 2  
Fairey Albacore
Fairey Fulmar Fairey Firefly TT1
Chance Vought Corsair Mk4
Grumman Hellcat II Grumman Avenger AS6B
Hawker Sea Fury FB11
Vickers-Supermarine Seafire F17
Hall 3  
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S1
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2B Supermarine Scimitar F1
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA6
De Havilland Sea Vampire F1
Supermarine Attacker F1
De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW 2
Mc Donnell Douglas Phantom FG1 Fairey Gannet AEW3
Hall 4  

Hawker P1127

Fairey Delta 2
Hawker Hunter T8M
Westland Wyvern TF1 BAE Sea Harrier FRS1
Hall "Cobham" & reserve  
Westland Whirlwind HAR3 Westland Wasp HAS1
Hiller HT.1 Westland Wessex HAS3
De Havilland Sea Venom FAW22 Gloster Meteor T-7
Hawker P1052 Douglas AD-4W Skyraider AEW1
Fairey Gannet COD4 Blackburn NA.39
Supermarine 510 Grumman Martlet
Douglas AD-4W Skyraider AEW1 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6
Wright Cyclone engine from Skyraider AEW.1 Towing vehicle
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