Text : Serge Van Heertum

Pictures : Serge Van Heertum (S.B.A.P.), Daniel Brackx (BAHA), Leo Spiessens and SBAP archives



During the 40 years of service in the Belgian Air Force, it is probably the Siai Marchetti SF.260M ST35 who carried the most different colors.
We propose a pictorial overview of the different painting and logo additions.


1974 green and tan camouflage 1977 Swallows, orange line, "swallows" and "Tienen" armorial bearings
1979 only orange line and orange leading edge for the swallows 1979 same colors and "swallows" in light blue on the nose
1980 the penguin disapear and black "swallows" marking on the tail
1984 "swallows" disbanded since 1981 but still wearing the colors with addition of 5th squadron insigna in RAF style
1989 vietnam camouflage type with 2 green and tan. Note also the addition of the sharkmouth on the SF.260 fleet
1993 vitnam style with addition of the aircraft number on the vertical fin
1994 the big joke : pink color, none as "barbie". This is not the ST3 but wel ST35 (for the flight the aircraft had to wear the correct imatruculation)
1995 the national colors and blue scheme from the "new swallows" 1996 Addition of the "50 years" of the Belgian Air Force logo
2000 after inspection the aircraft is painted in the new yellow colors. Note the wolf head in grey colors.
2005 addition of the "35 years" SF.260 logo on the tail. This logo was applied only on the ST35
2009 IRAN inspection, the ST35 back in the normal yellow scheme with addition of "35+" on the tail showing that the aircraft is now on "mike +" standard.
The wolf head is now in blue colors.



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