ST33 Baby Swallow in the air
Text : Serge Van Heertum - Pictures : as mentionned © sbap 2012



The ST33 aircraft with serial number 10-33 was delivered to the Belgian Air Force in April 1971.
During his 25 years career this aircraft wearied different paint scheme like the one of the “Swallows” aerobatic team in 1979 and the new “Swallows with the wonderful blue color scheme between 1994 and 1996. Sadly the plane was lost in a crash on June 24th, 1996 and the wrecks were transferred to the Royal Army School of Brussels and used for schooling purposes.
Some years later, one of our readers Bernard Capelle made a flying model of the ST33. Based on the MANTUA kit. Bernard did a magnificent realization in the new “Swallows” colors. He did also a complete overview of this model in the well-known MRA magazine specialized in flying models.
Baby Swallow is flying…enjoy the ST33 overview!

The early years and the first camouflage (Coll Leo Spiessens) Used by the Swallows (SBAP archives)
At Goetsenhoven during an opendoor (SBAP archives) In flight gear going down (Olivier "Papy" Van Gorp)
The first appearance in new Swallows colours (Serge Van Heertum) During a demonstration above Koksijde airbas (SBAP archives)
In formation with ST22 (SBAP archives) Crash landing on June 24th, 1996 (SBAP archives)
In action...Thanks to "Marc" & "John" (SBAP archives)
The model, a Bernard Capelle realization !
The model (Bernard Capelle) A wonderfull paint scheme (JB Capelle)
Baby swallow in the air (JB Capelle) Like a real one (JB Capelle)
The model analyse published in MRA magazine n°826 (February-March 2012)


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