ST20 Maxi & Mini



Pictures : Paul Rorive and Serge Van Heertum (S.B.A.P.), and SBAP archives


Sometimes ago, we have received a mail from Lt. Col. ER Paul Rorive about our Marchetti book.

In the model part of the book, we are not talking about flying models but only about models in kit, but you have to known that Paul Rorive (last Belgian Air Force Fouga pilot) is also a modelist since a long time and his passion are the flying models.


"Some years ago, I have bought a Marchetti model from Protech company, this one was delivered in the 250.00 flight hours colour scheme weared by the ST20. It's a quite good model qualified as ARF (Almost Ready to Fly).  The wingspan is 1m53 and the weight is however 3.5 kilograms. I have equiped the plane with a OS.46 engine of 7cc. The plane have the basic controls : engine, aileron, elevator and ruder.

The plane is also equiped with a fix landing gear and I have made some modifications to make it more realistic, no flaps at all on this model, but my ST20 is fying the real one..."


This mail was the occasion to make a special page with pictures of the Siai Marchetti ST20 and showing also a couple of pictures of Paul's model.


So here are ST20 Maxi and Mini...



The early years The new camouflage and the sharkmouth
250.000 flight hours colour scheme In flight
Lt. Col. ER Paul Rorive and "mini" ST20 The big one and the little one
Straight from the box, the ST20 ready for flight
Close up on the nose



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