Lockheed C-130A USAF serial: Unknown
Arrival of a USAF delegation at Beauvechain Air Base on July 22nd, 1965.
(Coll SBAP via 1st Wing)
Lockheed C-130K 8T-CB (c/n 382-4256) from the Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte. In 2003 Austria's Air Force transport capability was improved when it purchased three C-130K Hercules from the Royal Air Force. These were needed for the demanding UN peacekeeping missions in which Austria played a role. Pictured at take-off from Brussels Airport on November 09th, 2006
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Antonov An-30B 04 black (c/n 0704)
Flying over Brussels for an Open Skies mission on April 09, 2010.
The plane crashed at Caslav (Czech Republic) on May 23, 2012
The aircraft was flying during a training exercise with 14 Russian soldiers and 9 Czech soldiers on board. The crew came in too fast on landing, the nose gear collapsed and the aircraft skidded on runway, overran it and broke in two before coming to rest in a field engulfed in flames. Seven occupants were injured of which two seriously. The aircraft was partially destroyed by the fire.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Antonov An-30B 01 black (c/n 1307)
Stationed for an Open Skies mission at Melsbroek on March 21, 2015
This plane was built in 1977 and 26 “B” models were delivered to the Russian Air Force.
The Open Skies treaty started in 2002 and Brussels gets regular visits of Open Skies aircraft.
(©Johny De Visch)
Short SC.7 Skyvan OE-FDN (c/n 1964)
From Pink Aviation Austria. Used for Dutch military night Para drop at Schaffen.
Seen here in April 2014 at Melsbroek for couple of night training.
(©Johny De Visch)
Short SC.7 Skyvan OE-FDK (c/n 1901)
From Pink Aviation Austria. Used for Dutch military night Para drop at Schaffen.
Seen here in March 2015 at Melsbroek for a week dropping session.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Airbus A320-211 F-WWDC (c/n 004)
In early 1988 this A320 prototype made an European presentation tour wearing Air France markings. Seen here at Brussels National Airport in February of that year. The plane was finally delivered to Air Inter as F-GGEF on July 7, 1989. From September 12, 1997 till March 2008, the plane was operated by Air France.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Boeing C-40B “Clipper” 54613 (c/n 34809)
One of the aircraft of the USAF fleet visiting Brussels Military Airport on January 20, 2015.
Departure scheduled in the early morning, the plane is de-iced before taxi.
(©Johny De Visch)
De Havilland DH106 Comet C.4 XR397 (c/n 6469)
Owned by the 216 squadron, this plane was built in 1962. The picture shows the plane landing at Brussels airport in the early 70's. The aircraft was sold on the civilian market in 1975.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Dassault Falcon 20C-5 0125 Norwegian Air Force
Visiting the Brussels military installations in 1996.
The plane was operated by the 717 Skv
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash EA-334 Luftwaffe (c/n 53-7677)
This plane took part in the 6th Edition of the Royal Flush exercise held at Beauvechain airbase between May 14 and 21, 1961. Wearing the colours of the AKG-51 (code EA) of Ingolstadt, the plane was sold to the Belgian Air Force in January 1965 and became FR-34.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Lockheed F-104G 4-9 (MM6???) 9th Gruppo Grosseto
Squadron exchange with the 350 Squadron held between July 9 and 18, 1965. Five Starfighters of the Italian Air Force participated in this exchange, being 4-9, 4-16, 4-20, an unknown and a two seater 20-8 from 4 Stormo.
(Coll SBAP via 1st Wing archives)
Boeing B707-3J6B B-2406 (c/n 20716/880)
This Boeing owned by China Airlines was wearing the China Government colours especially for president Li Xiannian's European tour in 1987.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Beechcraft 200 Super King Air 232 (c/n BB-208)
Owned by the Maritime Squadron of the Irish Air Corp, the plane is seen at the Brussels Airport general aviation side in June 1990. Two Beech 200 were in use (232 & 234) between 1980 and 1990.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Sud Aviation Caravelle SE 210-10-R F-RAFH (c/n 201)
This Caravelle was delivered on January 28, 1966 and operated at first under GLAM 1/60. It was owned by the French Air Force Esterel squadron on January 1, 1988. The plane flew the famous singer Mireille Mathieu to the Brussels Sabena facilities for the charity operation “Telethon” in December 1988. The show was broadcasted from the Sabena H41 hangar.
The plane crashed on January 31, 2001 registered as HK-3932X
(©Serge Van Heertum)
C-160 Transall 61-ZH (c/n 90)
The plane was operated by the 61 Escadre of Orléans-Bricy and was the support aircraft for the “Telethon” operation in December 1988. The cargobay was modified in a broadcast command center.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Hawker Siddeley HS.748 Srs2A-275 G-AYYG (c/n 1697)
Picture probably taken in 1974 as this was the period when Belgian authorities were looking to replace the DC-3. The aircraft came to Belgium for a presentation and we can see the Belgian Falcon 20 CM02 on the picture.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
Eurocopter AS332L1 Super Puma D-HEGK (c/n 2720)
This helicopter delivered in June 2009 and owned by the Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) was visiting Melsbroek air base on April 28th, 2011.
(©Marc Arys)
Douglas A-20B Boston III Z2249 / MQ-D (226 Sqn)
The plane took off from Swanton Morley (UK) at 13:34 local on April 27, 1942 and was shot down by the flak. It made a belly landing at Raversijde, 4 km South West of Oostende. One of the crew was killed and buried in the local cemetery.
F/O W.A. Keech RCAF: Prisoner of War Stalag Luft 3 Sagan Poland, PoW No.243
Sgt W. Phillips: Prisoner of War Stalag Luft 3 (Sagan Poland) – Stalag Luft 6 (Heydekrug Lithuania) - Stalag 357 (Fallingbostel Germany), PoW No.263
Sgt D. Handford: Killed in Action
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Piaggio P 180AM Avanti Italian Navy MM62211 / 9-02 (c/n 1085)
Based at Pratica di Mare near Roma, the Italian Navy is owner of 3 Avanti Maritime.
The 9-09 is seen here at Melsbroek air base on October 28th, 2014 and is wearing an overall grey scheme.
(©Johny De Visch)
H Pander & Zon  Pander D  H-NACO  (c/n 12)
Came out of the factory on January 12th, 1925 and shortly after started an European presentation tour as future possible military trainer, but plane crashed at Dantzig on August 20th, 1925. The pilot was killed and the registration canceled.
Seen here on first half of 1925 at Haren airfield.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Boeing 737-74V  BBJ   FAC001
Colombian Presidential aircraft based on the Boeing 737 Business Jet.
The plane is equipped with 2 CFM56-7 jet engines.
Visiting Melsbroek airfield on Novenber 04th, 2014.
(©Philip Verhasselt)
Nieuport 17 Royal Flying Corp  (1 RFC Sqn)
Damaged after forced landing probably in June 1917 by 2/Lt G.C. Atkins. This aircraft from 1st RFC Squadron was captured with his pilot by the Germans in Mariakerke area.
(Coll Denis Eusicom)
Albatros D.V  (Marine Feldflieger Abteilung)
Damaged, the aircraft has performed an emergency landing on Ostend beach in August 1917. The aircraft was placed under guard not far away of the Kursaal building.
(Coll Denis Eusicom)
Boeing B707-3L6C  272  (c/n 21096) Israeli Air Force
Called KC-707 “Saknai”, this is a Cargo aircraft modified in tanker.
The 272 was spending a visit at Melsbroek on February 20th, 2014
(©Marc Arys)
Boeing B-767-3JF  G-DHLG  (c/n 37807)
Brussels National landing 25R on February 23rd, 2014 bringing 2 giant panda’s from China.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Grumman F-14A Tomcat VF-31 “Tomcatters” (160923)
Coming from the “Forestal” in Mediterranean cruise at Chièvres airshow
in August 1991
(©Jacky Vincent)
Lockheed Martin F-117A Nighthawk  415 FS  (86-039)
In June 1993 eight F-117A's from 415thFS based at Holloman, were deployed to Gilze Rijen for the 'Coronet Havoc' exercise. One of them did a touch and go at Koksijde airshow in July 1993
(©Jacky Vincent)
CASA/EADS  C-295M  CC-2  Finish Air Force  unit: TukiLLv (c/n 036)
Coming from Jyväskylä (EFJY) to spend a visit at Melsbroek apron on September 14th, 2011
(©Johny De Visch)
Sukhoi Su-25K Frogfoot  1005 30Rgt Czech Air Force
Solo display during 1991 European Warbirds Airshow at Oostmalle
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Antonov AN-22  UR-098307  (c/n 043481244)
From Antonov design bureau, visiting Melsbroek
with spare parts for a Antonov 124 on March 29th, 2008
©Johny De Visch)
Fiat G-91Y  32-04   (Italian Air Force)
32°Stormo 23°Gruppo in exchange with 42 belgian squadron at Bierset in august 1990.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
De Havilland DH.86 Express  G-ADEC  (c/n 2325)
Aircraft owned by Hillman's Airways seen at Knokke Le Zoute airfield in the mid-1930’s. Afterward the plane was took over by British Airways and later on sold in Uruguay in September 1938.
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Avro Vulcan B1  230 OCU squadron (Waddington)
At take off during the “Meeting des Nations” held at Bierset air base between June 27th and June 29th, 1958
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Aérospatiale SN-601 "Corvette" 100 F-GJAP (c/n 31)
Spending a visit to Sonaca Gosselies on September 26th, 2002.
The aircraft was one of the five samples in service at Airbus Industries.
After his first flight on June 4th, 1976, the aircraft was leased by Touraine Air Transport (F-BTTK). After different leasing, the n°31 joined the Airbus fleet until 2009. On October 17th, 2009, the F-GJAP did a last flight between Toulouse and Paris Le Bourget. The aircraft is stored in the museum facilities and the engines returned to Airbus.
(©Pierre Taquet)
Morane Saulnier MS 760 C Paris III  F-BLKL  (c/n 1001)
Operated by Sud Aviation, visiting Sonaca Gosselies in 1980 with a celebrity on
board of the aircraft world, Gero Madelung (more about him can be found via Google…). This was the first and only aircraft of the third generation MS 760 and was built in 1964. The aircraft after a career at Sud Aviation and afterward by Euralair is now stored at Paris Le Bourget.
(©Pierre Taquet)
Dassault Etendard IVP  N°102  (Flotille 16F)
Used by the French Navy as from May 1964, the 102 was the second aircraft of “P” (Photo) model.
Seen here on a Belgian air base (unknown) in the late 1970’s.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
Lockheed C-130H  N° 344 Royal Jordanian Air Force (3 Sqn)
Coming from Amman/Marka to spend a visit at Melsbroek air base in
September 2010
(©Johny De Visch)

Ilyushin IL-76TD  UK76358  Uzbekistan  (c/n 1023410339)

Taxi at Brussels airport in November 1996 to join the runway 02.

(©Serge van Oosterzee)

Panavia Tornado GR1A  ZA560 TTTE  (c/n BS024)
Full black painted, this Tornado from Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment (TTTE) of RAF Cottesmore is seen here during Kleine Brogel airshow in September 1995.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Dassault-Aviation Falcon 10 MER  n°129  Flotille 57S  (c/n 129)
The Falcon 10 MER is in service since 1978.
Owned by the Flotille 3S, the number 129 was transferred to the 57S in 1981. Visiting Melsbroek on March 4th, 2012.
©Johny De Visch)

Airbus A310-304(F) « Polaris »  15003  c/n 425)

The five CC-150s are operated by 437 Squadron at CFB Trenton, Ontario

The CC-150 replaced the Boeing CC-137 (converted Boeing 707) in 1997.

Visiting Melsbroek in November 2013.
(©Serge Van Heertum)

Boeing B-737-7ED (BBJ)   ZS-RSA  (c/n 32627)
Owned by the 21st Transport squadron of Waterkloof AFB.
Seen at Melsbroek September 28th, 2010 during
EU-South African summit with presence of President Jacob Zuma.
(©Johny De Visch)
McDonnell Douglas C-9B Skytrain II   (DC-9-32CF)  164608   (c/n 47565)
 Owned by the VR-61 (RS tail code) “Islanders” based NAS Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Washington
. The VR-61 has a permanent detachment at Sigonella (Sicilia). The plane is seen at take-off from Brussels National airport in 1998
©erge Van Heertum)
Lokheed F-104G  22 + 71   (Marineflieger MFG1 Schleswig)
Equipped with Kormoran missile during the 1978 Tiger Meet held at Kleine Brogel.
©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed HC-130P  (71 RQS Rescue squadron - 374 Rescue Group)
At Melsbroek in November 2013 on the way back from Chad
to Moody home base in Georgia.
©Serge Van Heertum)

Gloster Meteor TT.20     SE-DCF   (c/n AW5562)

Former Danish air force and transferred to the Swedish air force for target towing.

Seen here parked at Gosselies airfield in the 1970’s.

This plane is now visible in the collection of Savigny-les-Beaunes castle

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Antonov An-26   801   (c/n 2801)
Former YR-ADA (Tarom), was transferred to the Romanian Air Force.
Seen here at military side of Brussels airport in 1998.

(©Serge Van Heertum)

Boeing B-747-4B5    10001 (ex HL7465 )   (c/n 26412/1284)
South Korean government, called “Korean One”,
at Melsbroek for the European-Korean top held in November 2013

(©Serge Van Heertum)

Short SC-7 Skyvan S3    OE-FDI   (c/n SH.1932)
From Pink Aviation Austria. Used for Dutch military night Para drop at Schaffen.
Seen here in 2012 at Melsbroek for refueling

(©Johny De Visch)

Caudron Renault C449/1  N° 1345  French Air Force
During a visit at Melsbroek air base in the early 1950’s
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
General Dynamics EF-111A Raven  AF66-0030  20TFW (USAFE Upper Heyford)
At Kleine Brogel air base for Tactical air meet in June 1986.
(Coll Bruno Ghils)
Boeing VC-25A Air Force One (B-747-200B)   (c/n 82-8000)
During US Presidential visit in February 2005.
Coll Serge van Oosterzee)
LET 410 UVP-E Turbolet    L4-01 Slovenian Air Force (c/n 312606)
Spending a visit at Brussels in July 1997.
This is the only one LET410 in use by the Sloven
ian Air Force.
Serge van oosterzee)

Douglas C-124A Globemaster II    50254  (MATS Continental command)

Bierset international airshow 1958.

(©Jean-Marie Cuvelier via "Buzz")

Douglas A4-D2 Skyhawk     142123 c/n 11377   (VA-83 NAS Oceana)

Bierset international airshow 1958.

(©Jean-Marie Cuvelier via "Buzz")

Airbus A310-304 MRTT 10+26 Luftwaffe  (FBS-BMVg Köln Airport)

At Melsbroek Air Base a night of January 2013
©Serge Van Heertum)

Lockheed C-5A Galaxy  USAF (437 MAW Charleston AFB)

On taxi during Beauvechain airshow in 1972
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser  4X-FPX  (c/n 15963)   (IAF International Squadron)

Originally operated by American Overseas Airlines, called “Flagship Denmark”, this Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was then acquired by Pan Am on 25 September 1950 and registred N90947, when Pan Am bought American Overseas Airlines. It also carried the title “Clipper Queen of the Pacific”. In 1961, it was withdrawn from use and stored at San Francisco, California. It then passed at Israeli Aircraft Industries before going to the Israeli Air Force, with the registration 4X-AOD, then 4X-FPX (Number 098). The plane was converted to Boeing 377M specifications. While operated by the Israeli Air Force this Stratocruiser carried the title “Zipon”. It was finally withdrawn from use on 1 September 1975. The airframe was presumably broken up. Seen here at Bierset air base in 1971.

(©Pierre Taquet)

Ilyushin IL-12B   SP-LHD   (c/n 93013504) LOT Polish Airlines

At Melsbroek airport in 1952. Lot purchased five Ilyushin IL-12B as from 1948.
The military version was named “Coach” in the NATO structures.
 A total of 663 Il-12s were manufactured for four air forces (Russia, Poland, Republic of China and North Korea)  and six airliners.
The first export customer for the Il-12 was LOT Polish Airlines, who placed an order for five Il-12Bs after it was displayed at the Poznan Fair in Poland in the spring of 1948. This was followed by Czech Airlines, who purchased 10 aircraft from 1949–1951, TAROM in Romania from 1949, in the late 1950’s TABSO (later Balkan airlines) purchased 6 IL-14 model and at least 20 aircraft to CAAC in China

(Coll Jacky Vincent)

North American F-86F  USAFE (53 FDS Bitburg)

Deployment at Florennes airbase around 1955
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

General Dynamic F-16 prototype

At Florennes airshow in 1975
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Boeing B-17G 85-VE (c/n 44-8846)  F-BGSP  French IGN

Presented at Florennes airshow in 1975. After his National Geographic Institute carreer the plane was bought by Salis association and became the well known "Pink Lady"
(Coll Bruno Ghils)

Sikorsky S-51 H5  PH-HAA (c/n 5133)   Dutch Rotorcraft Foundation

Landing at Brussels in the early 1950's
(Coll Bruno Ghils)


Boeing 377 Stratocruiser  Pan American Airlines

Melsbroek airport in 1952
(Coll Jacky Vincent)

Vickers VC.1 Viking   British European Airways

Melsbroek airport in 1952
(Coll Jacky Vincent)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak  (French Air Force)

At Fairey Gosselies for overhaul in the 1960's.
Note the Belgian Meteor in the background
(Coll Jean-Luc Deval)

Canadair F-86 Sabre Mk5   (RCAF: 441 Sqn RAF North Luffenham)

Melsbroek air base during the 1952 airshow
(Coll Jacky Vincent)

North American T-39A-1-NO Sabreliner  (USAFE Alconbury)
Forced stop at Beauvechain air base on February 13th, 1967 due bad weather

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Mc Donnell F-4D Phantom II  (USAFE 36 TFW / 53 TFS Bitburg)
Visiting Beauvechain air base in 1967

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Alpha Jet E   (French Air Force EAC00.314 / Tours)
(705-MF / E98 & 705-MD E30)
Visiting Melsbroek on April 16th, 2012

(©Serge Van Heertum)
Westland Lynx HAS3S  (Royal Navy 815 Sqn)  (c/n 166)
(XZ726 / code 411)
Visiting Melsbroek on November 27th, 2004

(©Johny De Visch)
Lockheed-Martin  C-130H  (Spanish Air Force Ala Casa 31)
Support aircraft for TLP session. Landing at Florennes Air Base
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed TF-104G  (Turkish Air Force 191 Filo / 9AJU))
Flight presention during Beauvechain airshow on June 29th, 1991.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
North American F-86D "Sabre"  (USAFE 86 FIW / 514 FIS)
Ramstein based squadron in visit at Beauvechain in August 1959

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Republic F-84E "Thunderjet"   (USAFE 86 FBW)
Skyblazers aerobatic team based at Landstuhl air base in presention
during the international Airshow of Melsbroek in July 1952

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Fiat G-59   (Italian Air Force)
Presented during the international Airshow of Melsbroek in July 1952

(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Airbus A340-212   (French Air Force)  (c/n 81)
Visiting Melsbroek in February 2012

(©Serge Van Heertum)
North American F-100C "Super sabre"  (USAF / 49 TFW)
On static display during the Bierset international airshow in 1958

(©Jean-Marie Cuvelier via "Buzz")
Gloster "Javelin" FAW.6   (RAF / 85 Sqn)
In visit at Chievres Airbase in Juni 1959
(©Jean-Marie Cuvelier via "Buzz")
Lockheed F-104G  (German Air Force)
Arrival at Charleroi train station for transfer to Fairey for final assembly.
The first 15 Luftwaffe aircraft arrived by train to be transferred to Gosselies; according the inscription on the railway wagon, the picture was probably taken during the first half of 1962.

(Coll Pierre Taquet)
Armstrong Withworth Meteor NF.14  (French Air Force / CEV Bretigny)

At Fairey Gosselies for overhaul in the 1960's (2-tone camouflage)
Ex RAF (WS747) aircraft, was delivered to the French Armée de l’Air
in August 1955
and served as electronic countermeasures test aircraft.
Used by the CEV until 1985.

(Coll Jean-Luc Deval)

Sud-Est SE.210 Caravelle III   9XR-CH   Republic of Rwanda (c/n 209)
Presidential visit at Brussels in June 1976
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Airbus A310-324   HS-TYQ (44-444)  Thai Air Force  (c/n 591)
Brussels National on August 7th, 1993 for the funeral of King Baudouin
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Bell VH-1N  (Presidential flight HMX1)
In stand by at Sabena Technics installations during the visit of
President Ronald Reagan in March 1988
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Boeing VC6-137, SAM 27000 (USAF - Air Force One)
At Brussels National during the visit of President Ronald Reagan
between March 1st & 3rd, 1988
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet E (French Air Force EC00.314)
At Melsbroek Airbase for a night stop in May 2011.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed-Martin C-130E (Turkish Air Force 222 Filo)
Visiting Melsbroek with a brother of arm in May 2011.
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Canadair C41R        CF-LTX-X
In fact the prototype of the CT-114 Tutor (C41) but with a starfighter nose grafted on to demonstrate the use of  radar and avionics; no production examples were built. Chièvres 1963.
(©Edmond Van Heertum)
English Electric Lightning F Mk.2  (RAF 92 Sqn)
During a squadron exchange in May 1967 at Beauvechain airbase
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Lockheed KC-130F & Sikorsky HH-53 (USAF)
During a flight refueling pass at Beauvechain in 1972.
(©Edmond Van Heertum)
Lockheed-Martin C-130H (Hellenic Air Force 356 TTS)
In Melsbroek installations.
The special "open skies" pod is mounted under the left wing in 2002
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Boeing B-737-33A ( Pakistan Air Force) (AP-BEH)
At Brussels Airport during a presidential visit in 1998
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Boeing B-727-51 (TP-02) (Mexican Air Force)
At Melsbroek Airbase in September 1993
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Hawker Siddeley Buccanneer S2B (RAF 16th Sqn)
At Kleine Brogel in September 1991.
The aircraft is wearing the first gulf war camouflage
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Mc Donnell F-101 Voodoo (USAF)
In static display probably at Brustem in the early 1960's
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
Fairchild A-10 Thunderbold II (USAF 509th Tactical Fighter Sqn)
Arrival from Bentwaters-Woodbridge at Gosselies in July 1981
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Hawker Hunter F.58 (Swiss Air Force)
Aircraft of the "Patrouille Suisse" during Kleine Brogel airshow
in September 1991
(©Serge Van Heertum)
British Aerospace Hawk T.1 (RAF 100 Sqn)
From RAF Valley during suadron exchange with 7 Squadron at Brustem in 1995
(©Serge Van Heertum)
Lockheed F-104S (Italian Air Force 102 Gruppo / 5 Stormo)
At Kleine Brogel during "Ample Train" exercice in june 1991
(©Serge Van Heertum)