Brussels Airport:
May Air Traffic
"Juliet Last Night" Randolph AFB
Airshow 2022
Air Base Day
Jet Music @ New Orleans NAS Kingsville
In the "Goshawk" Nest
Brussels Airport:
February Air Traffic
Brussels Airport:
March Air Traffic
Brussels Airport:
April Air Traffic
Brussels Airport:
January Air Traffic
Speed look
@ Liege Airport
Ebenfluh and C°
Brussels Airport:
December Air Traffic
Farewell Mighty Hercules
Alliance Airshow
Fort Worth
Chitose  Air Base Atlantic Resolve Vlissingen
Kadena Air Force Base Tsuiki Air Base Matsushima Air Base
Chievres Air Fest Wings Over Houston Brussels Airport:
November Air Traffic
Naha Airbase Galileo SAR Meet Brussels Airport:
October Air Traffic
Brussels Airport:
September Air Traffic
Meet "Pedro 1" Airshow at Waukegan
USNTPS New colours Red Flag 21-3 X Tiger and Co
Bye Bye Alouette III Belgian National Day Brussels Airport:
August Air Traffic
CH-13 Happy Retirement 2 Wing Tac... 
By day and By night
Brussels Airport:
July Air Traffic
A look at Lackland AFB Arizona Wings Brussels Airport:
June Air Traffic
Postcards from Florennes Meet the..."Doc" Talon in action
Indian Air Force
Covid-19 mission
Corpus Christi
Airshow 2021
Brussels Airport:
May Air Traffic
Ursel...Flash & Go A Spring Sunday CH-13 Written Off
A-10 Demonstration Team
in Texas 
New Mirage Book
The one you need
Brussels Airport:
April Air Traffic
Half Century Mighty Hercs
The 15th Wing transition year
Brussels Airport:
March Air Traffic
Arizona Dream 2021
Fighting Falcon@Sabca Ranch Welcome Home MSN109 "Vrieske" 5000 Hours
Brussels Airport:
January Air Traffic
Razzle Blades@ebbe Brussels Airport:
February Air Traffic
Welcome Home "Atlas" Brussels Airport:
December Air Traffic
15 Wing 2020
When the future buries the past
RAF Lakenheath Brussels Airport:
November Air Traffic
Swiss Sky Crane
A400M...Is there Brussels Airport:
September Air Traffic
Brussels Airport:
October Air Traffic
Eindhoven Airport and Airbase BAF ODF 2020 - 2021 Nörvenich Italian Fashion
Oirschotse Heide SNAP 2020 @ Nörvenich Falcon Leap 2020
50 years, still sexy Bleu Wing & Magdays 2020 Thomas Du Caju
So Long "Gadjet" Belgian National Day @ EBFS Nörvenich in action
RAF Mildenhall Baltic Air Policing:
Operations focus
Centenary Part 1
Asian Airlines Delights Greece: Alexandria Air Base Spain: Albacete TLP
Taiwan: Tainan Air Base Taiwan: Gangshan Air Base Taiwan: Tainan Airshow Arrivals
Taiwan: Hualien Air Base Taiwan: Taitung Air Base Taiwan: Hsinshu Air Base
2020 Special Covid-19 EBBR flights (First Wave...)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 18) Covid-19 Flts (Part 19) Covid-19 Flts (Part 20)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 15) Covid-19 Flts (Part 16) Covid-19 Flts (Part 17)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 12) Covid-19 Flts (Part 13) Covid-19 Flts (Part 14)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 09) Covid-19 Flts (Part 10) Covid-19 Flts (Part 11)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 06) Covid-19 Flts (Part 07) Covid-19 Flts (Part 08)
Covid-19 Flts (Part 03) Covid-19 Flts (Part 04) Covid-19 Flts (Part 05)
Brussels Airport: Covid-19 Flts Covid-19 Flts (Part 01) Covid-19 Flts (Part 02)
A summer day at Gatwick Battle of Britain airshow From Russia with Love
Like a Pin Up Eastbourne Delight 2019 Brussels Airport colours
Jet Fest 19 @ North Weald Royal International Air Tattoo Agile Penguin in the night
Sedes Airbase Airpower Zeltweg Belgian Getaway
Cobra Warrior 2019 Nörvenich Airbase Thessaloniki Airbase
French National Day Antwerpen-Deurne
Liberation Airshow
Flying Legend 2019
Paris Airshow 2019 Aviation Days EBFS - EBCF Shuttleworth Military Pageant
EBFS New Base Commander Saint-Dizier Luchtmachtdagen: Volkel 19
Stampe Fly In Dak's over Normandy La Ferté Alais 2019
Duxford Air Festival NATO Tiger Meet 2019 In the Chipmunk country
RAF Marham...After the Tornado Shuttleworth Season Premiere A farewell to arms
Iniochos 2019 A400M... Is coming Beauvechain Air Base Day
Farewell My King Stelio Frati Baby...
50 Years in Belgium
Bulldogs above Friesland
Hyakuri Airbase Lecce / Galatina Airbase Gioia Del Colle Airbase
Night Flight Training Big Red One above Belgium Iruma Airbase
The Devils Adventure will continue A last trio for posterity RIAT 100 RAF
Race Day @ Shuttleworth Swiss Week Athens Flying Week
Heading to the future 12th ASEM summit A taste of new generation
Battle of Britain Airshow Duxford Belgian Air Force Days @ KB Wings 2018
Royal Air Force 100 @ London Eastbourne Airshow 2018 Night Anniversary
Flotille 4F centenary
Flying Legends Duxford Yeovilton Air Day
Belgian National Day Danish Airshow 2018 @ Aalborg Shuttleworth Military Pageant
Beach Air Competition
Knokke Air Trophy
Aviation Days EBFS - EBCF NATO Summit 2018
Gilze Rijen APROC 2018 NATO Tiger Meet Poznan Fly Navy @ Shuttleworth
27th Stampe Fly In La Ferté Alais: 46th edition "Le Temps des Hélices" Duxford Air Festival
Above the clouds: Paul Van Essche Belgian Air Force Demo Teams 2018 Shuttleworth Season Premiere:
Royal Air Force Centenary
Iniochos 2018 @ Andravida Frisian Fightertown Leeuwarden Brustem revival...BD09 party
In Memoriam Gustaaf "Steve" Nuyts Air Belgium...Here we go! "Aerosmurf"...A beautiful Belgium showcase
Delta Back Home Mission @ Marchin Green "Cocotte" Centenary
SBAP... Dream Team Together Destination Mali Poppy Flight 2018
114 ACW Tanagra Airbase 112 ACW Elefsis Airbase Aviation Safety Directorate
Air Tactics Center Andravida Axalp-Ebenfluh 2017
120 ATW Kalamata Airbase 116 ACW Araxos Airbase 117 ACW Andravida Airbase
100 years Georges Guynemer "Red Devils"...bye bye 2017 Enhanced Baltic Policing Mission
Battle of Britain Airshow @ Duxford Operation Atlantic Resolve
The 1st Air Cav Brigade in Belgium
Race Day @ Shuttleworth
"The last of the many"...10 years ago already 40 years Sanicole airshow Sion Airshow 2017
Souvenir of France BAPA opendoor Florennes Historical Show
Gando Airbase (Canary Island) Edwardian Pageant @ Shuttleworth 25th Airbourne Airshow
Belgian National Day Kleine Brogel Colours Royal International Air Tattoo
Cerfontaine 40 years open door Flying Legends 2017 French National Day @ Evreux
UrelAvia 2017
When the Empire meet the Devil
AWACS Jublee @ Geilenkirchen Military Pageant @ Shuttleworth
In Memoriam "Red" Dewaelheyns Paris Airshow 2017 ATCC Opendoor
1st Wing Remission of Command NATO Tiger Meet 2017 Tactical Weapon Meet @ EBFS
26th Deurne Fly In 45th Ferté Alais Airshow Mirage Day 2017
"Rage" Display NATO in May Duxford Air Festival
Belgian Demo Team 2017 Belgian Air Force Customs Services Farewell Greece Phantom
Aeronautical Day 2017 Shuttleworth Season Premiere Thistle Centenary
75 years: From SAS to Special Forcecs Group Frisian Bayou Helidays @ EBBE
Royal Air Force Lincolnshire Aircraft Restoration Company Duxford Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar
SBAP from 2016 to 2017 Brussels Flight Simulators Jean-Luc Béghin Cockpits
Bye Bye Falcon 20
Black Blade 2016 Red Nose 2016 CC AIR Remission of Command
Air Cadets Wings Parade Agile Penguin in US skies Sainte-Maxime FFWM
SAR Meet @ Koksijde Bye Bye Diablo Eccho Bravo Bravo Echo 70
Schaffen Fly In 2016 Roanne Airshow 2016 Race Day @ Shuttleworth
Sanicole Night and Day National Days Wings Parage 2016
Gone with the wind Meet the fighters @ Duxford Joint Power Demo @ Florennes
Airbourne 2016 Morón Air Base Goodwood the speed place
International Air Tattoo 2016
Valenciennes 2016
French National Day
Edwardian Pageant @
Luchtmachtdagen 2016
Dijon Aerobatics Bye Bye...Devil D
Nato Tiger Meet @
Belgian Air Force Days 2016 Flying Legends 2016
The American Airshow Fly Navy @ Shuttleworth THPU 2016 @ Beauvechain
100 years "Lafayette" 75 years "Ambiorix" Demonstration Teams 2016
Fly to your dream 2016 Frisian Flag 2016 Ferté Alais 2016
NVG Missions Seaking 58000 Hours - 40 years Campus Saffraanberg
Agusta New Green Kleine Brogel... A last shoot Bye Bye 2015
Welcome 2016
SBAP end of year drink
Trident Juncture 2015
@ Trapani Air Base
Melsbroek Air Base special visitors Free Flight World Masters 2015
Red Devils last flight 2015 R2D2 @ Brussels Airport Remember Bernard Neefs
Safety First ! AXALP 2015 Jewels in the Night
Lens Airshow 2015 Sanicole Airshow 2015 Jet World Masters 2015
55 years Frecce Tricolori @ Rivolto Battle of Britain 75 years Airshow
@ Duxford
Cambrai-Niergnies Airshow 2015
Airbourne 2015...Eastbourne Air Vintage 2015 Saint Hubert Base Aera di Sigonella Sicilia
National Day above P@ris National Day @ Valenciennes Royal International Air Tatoo
Shuttleworth Military Pageant Flying Legends 2015 National Day @ Evreux
From Sunrise...to Sunset ATCC Semmerzake 2015 Baginton Air Pageant
40 years MNFP
Multinational Fighter Program
EU-CELAC exotic birds Paris Airshow 2015
La Ferté Alais:
A fabulous 2015 vintage
Monster Tiger 18th Indian Day
18 Squadron:
Initial Operational Capable
Tactical Helicopter
Procedures Update (THPU)
Tchantchès joined the Red Devils
In Memoriam:
Eugène Hedebouw
In the heat of the night 25 years of aviation fair
Fly To Your Dream 2015 "Blizzard" in the night American Frisian Style
Dubai - Emirates SAR Training Belgian Flying Submarine
NH-90 Go to perfection Winter in a jewelry box Coningsby operations
Falcon Half Fleet Rage Design A good old boy...
Fulcrum Summer In Live For Life SBAP End of Year Meeting
Storm Tide 2 Minister of Defence Air Contact Rainbow Warrior
Free Flight World Masters WWI Special Markings Belgian Air Force
New Commander Officer
Air Race Memories Melsbroek Giant "Reds" last flight 2014
Roanne 2014 Duxford Airshow 2014 Mayday...Mayday...Mayday...
"Charlz" get 4000 flight hours... AIR14 Payerne Belgian Air Force Days
Kleine Brogel
Airbourne 2014...Eastbourne Les Ailes de Saint-Tropez First A400M in Belgium
Valenciennes National Day Airshow Omega Tanker 100 years ago...Shuttleworth
Royal International Air Tattoo Farnborough International Meet the Sea Lion
Nancy-Ochey Airshow Duxford Flying Legend National Days
B-67 Ursel DAX Helicopter Fair 2014 In Memoriam:
Jozef De Heyn & Piet De Groof
Karup Danish Airshow Wings Parade 2014 NATO Tiger Meet
La Ferté Alais 2014 Berneustadt Flugplatzfest Gilze Rijen Air Force Days
Lens Airshow:
Franco-Belgian friendship
Duxford D-Day airshow Bruntingthorpe:
Cold War Jets
3... 2... 1... GO! In Memoriam: Ivan Deprins ATCC new Commander
Patrouille des Glaciers Demo Teams 2014 Koksijde Rescue...New Baby
Heli Wash Going Grey Swiss Postcards
US President on tour Brussels African Top Frisian Flag 2014
Fly to your dream Aeronautical day Bronco is back!

Belgian Aviation
Preservation Association

Wevelgem Airport...
The past and the present

In Memoriam:
Robert "Bobby" Bladt

Operation Sangaris Dreamliner Taste Belgian Roundels


SBAP, Get Together... White Bison is back!

Brussels Museum...
Recent Restorations

"Grat" last 2013 display

Seaking Crew Honored

Operation Kindu
Free Flight World Masters
Defence Road Show Red Devils last 2013 display

100 years Mediteranean Sea crossing

Axalp 2013

Colourful Boar...Grouik Grouik!

RBDA 50 years Melsbroek Open Door

Chamonix Rescue

9 Squadron memories

Sanicole Airshow 2013

SIAF 2013
Red Devils @ Dittingen

100 years Belgian Military Aviation

Belgian NH-90 NFH revealed
Kecskemèt Airshow 2013 Bye Bye RS03 Dittingen Flugtage 2013
Fairford International Air Tatoo URSEL Wing & Wheels 2013 Eastbourne Airshow 2013
Duxford Flying Legends 2013 Belgian National Day Valenciennes-Prouvy 2013

SPA La Sauvenière, the return...

NATO Tiger Meet 2013

NH-90...First time in Belgium

Pampa Range 60 Pharewell Phabulous Phantom

Air Festival

Volkel Airshow 2013:
100 years military aviation

Paris Airshow 2013:
The Russian comeback

Manston Airshow

Indian Day 2013: Air and Bikes

Remembering the Mighty Eight
Duxford Spring Airshow

Salon de Provence:
60 years Patrouille de France

Deurne Fly In 2013:
Stampe & rain...

La Ferté Alais 2013:
From Roland Garros
to modern jets...

ATCC open door 2013
War operations above Friesland

Normandy Rescue

Demo Team 2013
31 squadron: Tiger in the sky Aero Iceland Italian week @ Florennes

Operation "Serval"

Meiringen Air Policing

Fly to your dream:
Meet your future job!

SBAP 2012: "Mission Completed" First Belgian NH90 delivered

Indian summer and rain dance !

Kleine Brogel OCU:
25 years of excellence

Who is "Grat"?

Belgian Air Force
remembrance day

Red Devils go for 2013
Red Devils forever !

Lens Airshow:
French-Polish friendship

"Moth" meet for charity
Duxford Autumn Airshow:
The great final
25 years Line & Armament Florennes Fouga back in Beauvechain sky Green Blade 2012

Sanicole Sunday Airshow

CRC Glons new base commander Beauvechain wing parade 2012
Duxford: Nostalgia, action and emotion cocktail! Red Devils @ Sanicole Sanicole Friday Dusk Airshow
Aero Lumumbashi

Dreamliner Brussels first landing

SLIAC: Slovakian Air Fest

100 years Russian Air Force
Koksijde: Aid to the nation 349 Squadron:
Happy birthday "Mace"

LH Aviation L-10 "Ellipse":
The future is bright...

Saint Quentin:
French-Belgian friendship
Red Devils @ Saint Quentin
Special page
Farnborough 2012 impressions

Wittmund: Last Phantom's

Airbourne 2012...
Seafront delight!

French National Day
@ Valenciennes

Belgian National Day:
Loocking for the future

Fairford RIAT 2012:
A very good one!

Florennes Airshow:
Aeronautical delight !

Kleine Brogel:
New Base Commander

More than a (flying) legend
Bell 429 makes Belgian debut Ørland Artic Tiger Meet 2012

30 years NATO AWACS
E-3A component

Diamond jubilee airshow
Bikes invasion @Sioux city ! Quebec : Two shores air display
Belgian Air Force
Demo teams 2012
Saint Hubert Airshow 2012 La Ferté Alais:
The great aviation fair !
"Pinocchio" is gone ! Deurne Fly In :
Proppelers festival
Demo 2012 revealed
A109 roll out Orange retirement Lancaster Memory

Florennes Emergency Plan

Bye Bye Cambresis Frisian Flag 2012
Belgian Defence Aeroclub :
Winter Migration !

Fly To Your Dream 2012

Sierre Tragedy :
Belgian Defence
always present

MD-900 Fire Fighter

Malta Airshow 2011    

350 Squadron :
70 years Fortissimi!

KLU Open Days

20.000 Flight Hours

Swiss Magic Trip

Bye bye "Mitch"...
Welcome "Grat"...

Breitling Sion Airshow

Brussels Air Museum
In the City Lights

Rotary wings above Paris

Sainte Maxime :
Free Flight World Masters

10 years Embraer
in Belgian service

Sanicole Dusk Fair

Palma de Mallorca
Criminal Fire

Malle Fly In :
More than hundred aircraft...

In the devils den !

Le Touquet :
European Helicopter Cup

The "Reds"
for two pilot remembrance

Schaffen Fly In :
Rain and old timers

Saint-Tropez :
Sea, Planes and Sun

Belgian National Day

Spangdahlem :
52th FW Open House

"Black Thunder" is operational

Saint Dizier :
Between operations and anniversary

Paris, Le Bourget :
Back to business

Koksijde :
Happy birthday
Belgian Air Force

Belgian Night Beauties

Hide hazelnuts...
Chipmunk invation !

La Ferté Alais :
When the past meet the present !
60 years ATCC
Indian Day &
Guinness Book Record
Snowbirds @

Mid-Air colision in Koksijde

Tiger meet airshow

NATO Tiger Meet 2011 :
Tiger Tiger Tiger !

Demo teams 2011

CMH : Ardennes Rescue Solar Impulse
 @ Brussels Airport

Between Sea, Snow and sun

Operation Freedom Falcon

Intruder in Belgian skies

Back to Belarus :
Soviet relics in Vitebck

Minsk Airport :
Belavia homebase and more...

Fly To Your Dream

A Dakota for the
15th Wing Historical Center

NH90 : First Belgian Helicopter in construction

 are back!

Château d'Oex :
Ballons in the mountains

Juliet Bravo rememberance

Operations in Kleine Brogel

Bye Bye A310

A night at museum !

Brusselgrad in December

BruMil : ASEM 8
international termimal

Volkel : Tiger Tiger Tiger !

Breitling Jet Team :
Behind the scene

Homebase of Sanicole

Douzy Airshow :
An historical place

Darois Airshow : Like a good Bourgogne wine

Brussels National...
150 feet high

Bierset Wing Héli...
just before moving !

Beauvechain Air Base A new page in the history

A day with the
Belgian Air Cadets

Belarus experience !

Schaffen Fly in 2010

Beauvechain 2010

National Day 2010

Franklin versus Godzilla

10 new pilots

Gilze Rijen 2010

Cambrai 2010

SAR Meet 2010

Vipers in the night

Indian Motor Day

Fly to your dream 2010

Demonstration teams 2010

Stampe Fly In Deurne

Falcon in Siouxland

Mirage BA08,
Retirement in Bourgogne

Mirage BR07 :
A RECCE bird as publicity

New gate guard @ Beauvechain

C-17 @ BruMil

Mirage for sale!

In the air with
Kim Clijsters

First A380 @ Brussels

Bye bye AML,
Welcome BruMil

Solo Display 2010 Roll out

Belgian Air Component
Embraer new colours

New A319 for
 SN Brussels Airlines


Bourgogne old  machines

New Airbus A330-330

Malaga Air Festival Bye Bye Alouette II

NATO Tiger Meet

Opendoor Beauvechain

July 21, National Day

SPA 100 years of aviation

Bye bye TLP

Paris Airshow 2009

Koksijde Airshow 2009

Wings parade & 40 Years SF260 Marchetti in Belgian Service

Thirteenth Hercules for the Air Component

Fly to your dream

Hardship Red :
The new Air Component
 demo team

Demonstration teams 2009
Official presentation

Belgian Seaking and 40 Sqn crew awarded


Handover F-16 demo

Last flight RS01    

Melsbroek Open Door

Glider with Air cadets Axalp - Ebenfluh

Wing and wheels

Schaffen fly in Koksijde Air Day 2008

Defense Days 2008

National Day 08 Avia BH-5 at Grimbergen

René 'Pat' Demortier's Last Flight

La Ferte Alais 2008 Cazaux, 1mio Alpha Jet

New Belgian Minister of Defence visits Kleine Brogel airbase

Fly to your dream Wings Parade

Koksijde 2007

Evreux 2007 Volkel 2007

La Ferté Alais 2007

Le Bourget 2007 Tactical Leadership Program 2007

Belgian Helidays 2007

OIE 07 21 July 2007
Sanicole Airshow 2006 Belgian Defence Days
Open Dagen 2006 at Leeuwarden Airbase Koksijde 2006 21 July 2006


Volcanex 2005 Kleine Brogel-Operational Integration exercice Gilze-Rijen
Operation Eastern Eagle TDPU - Link 16 Bierset Helidays
Beauvechain -European Trainer Meet National Day 2005 Koksijde Airshow 2005

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