Text: Baudouin "Baude" Litt - Pictures: MPA (Mirage 5 Pilots Association) & Serge Van Heertum ©sbap 2021

Book presentation
This third book published by the Belgian Mirage 5 Pilots Association (MPA) is a photo album that follows each one of the 106 Mirage M5 B's throughout their operational life in the Belgian Air Force. The book contains 106 superb profiles by Johan Wolfs and 507 pictures, most previously unpublished. Sixty two of these pictures are in full page. Each aircraft chapter is accompanied by a little narrative retracing its operational life, maintenance periods and anecdotes. A lifeline table tracks each aircraft, on a monthly base, from February 1970 until January 1994. Two of the chapters, which document the names and badges carried by each Mirage, will cause aircraft modelers to rejoice. Finally, one of the last chapters recounts the return of the sole two seater on Belgian soil and casts an eye on TEAM BD 09, who carefully takes care of it at the Droneport on the former air base of Sint-Truiden, Belgium.

"Delta" historical pictures in coulours...
(From the MPA book)
...or in charming black and white finition
(From the MPA book)
Pictures statistics

507 pictures in total
166 in black and white
341 pictures are in colors
171 are air to air or ground to air pictures
21 are ground to air pictures
315 were taken with the Mirages on the ground
80 pictures show Mirages from 1 SQN
70 pictures show Mirages from 2 SQN
81 pictures show Mirages from 8 SQN
125 pictures show Mirages from 42 SQN
154 pictures show pictures without distinguishing SQN markings

Top 7 of the most photographed Mirages of the book:
1. BD 09 with 20 pictures
2. BA 54 with 11
3. BA 22 with 10
4. BA 03 with 9
5. BA 19 with 9
6. BA 33 with 9
7. BA 43 with 9

Top 5 of the least photographed Mirages of the book:
1. BD 16 with 1 picture
2. BA 25 with 2 pictures
3. BA 28 with 2 pictures
4. BA 36 with 2 pictures
5. BA 49 with 2 pictures
Profiles statistics

106 profiles
19 profiles of 1 SQN Mirages*
19 profiles of 2 SQN Mirages*
19 profiles of 8 SQN Mirages*
26 profiles of 42 SQN Mirages*
18 profiles of undefined SQN Mirages
4 profiles of MIRSIP Mirages
3 profiles of ELKAN Mirages

*BA 48 and BR 08 profiles carry the badges of 2 squadrons simultaneously

5 profiles present Mirages in clean configuration
13 profiles present Mirages equipped with 500 liter supersonic external tanks
87 profiles present Mirages equipped with 1700 liter external tanks
6 profiles present Mirages in a 3 external stores configuration, 4 equipped with 3 external tanks, 1 with 2 x 1700 liter tanks and a Cyclope and 1 equipped with 2 x 500 liter supersonic external tanks and 1 x 1300 liter centerline external tank
15 profiles present armed Mirages, with either bombs, rocket pods, air to air missiles or a mix of these ammunitions
8 profiles show Mirages without paint, full aluminum
47 profiles show Mirages with the white belly of the first decade
47 profiles show Mirages in full camouflage of the second decade
23 profiles show Mirages with special paint
An unique profile collection!
(From the MPA book)
More than 500 pictures in total!
(From the MPA book)

Book structure

Heavy matt cardboard cover
Italian format 11.9 x 8.6 x 1.2 in.
322 pages + a double side folded table poster inserted in the back cover
It contains 7 main chapters
2 to 4 pages dedicated to each Mirage
Book written in English allowing more space for the profiles and pictures

Every plane is put in the light
(From the MPA book)
The lifeline table legends...
(From the MPA book)
...and the incredible lifeline document
(From the MPA book)
The Mirage V books collection you need in your aviation bookshelve!
(Serge Van Heertum©)
Front cover
Back cover
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