Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys  ©sbap 2020
In 2018, the 349th squadron of the Belgian Air Force called on Thomas De Caju and his sidekick Jean-Claude Van Rijkeghem to illustrate a comic book commemorating the 75 years of existence of this unit (1942-2017). The work in question was published in 2018 in a standard color version with a circulation of 500 copies and a luxury black & white version with 333 copies.

As a fan of aviation in general and of the Belgian Air Force in particular, this opus should have a special place in the aeronautical library.

Thanks to the kind invitation of the "Jaune 2" bookstore, which is based in the city of Wavre, we were able to meet Thomas De Caju, who very kindly illustrated our books for us, making them even more unique.
It was also the occasion to see and purchase the new work of Thomas De Caju, Girls and Wings. An album of drawings in which female beauties and metallic beauties rub shoulders.

Who is he ? Born in 1970, Thomas Du Caju studied plastic art at Saint-Luc in Ghent and began his career as an advertising designer. Then he drew storyboards, models and sets for an animated film studio (Ivanhoe, Winnietoons, Turtle Island). He worked for the animation department of Studio 100 for seven years, where he did posters and visualizations of merchandising products. He provided the drawings for the movie 'K3 en Het Magische Medaillon'.

On the comic book side, he first collaborated with Merho on his popular comedy series "Kiekeboe", then with Vandersteen studios on "Bob et Bobette"; in particular for the drawings of the album "The Intruder of the Night Watch" (in 2006).
From 2005, we owe him the illustration of four albums of the detective series "Sabbatini" scripted by the designer Luc Morjaeu for Mezzanine (ephemeral Dutch subsidiary of Dupuis editions which only translated the first volume into French, under this label,). Then, he teamed up with film producer Jean-Claude Van Rijkeghem and translator Pat van Beirs (a duo crowned with numerous awards for their novels aimed at young audiences and their film scripts), to create the series " Betty & Dodge "for the famous Flemish publishing house Standaard Uitgeverij, between 2008 and 2012.


Spitfire and Covid... The 2 different editions from the book made for the 349 Squadron anniversary 
and a charming autograph...
Splendid autograph It's amazing to see him at work
The last realisation: Beautiful girls with splendid planes...what more?
Comics book of Thomas Du Caju:
Sabbatini 2005
Kiekeboes (NL) 2010 - 2019
Willem I (NL) 2015
Message on a Bottle 2014
Betty & Dodge 2012 - 2014
349 squadron 2018
Little England 2017 - 2018
Les Souris de Leningrad 2019
Girls and Wings 2020
Striphelden versus corona (NL) 2020
A view of Thomas Du Caju talents

SBAP Belgium would like to warmly thank the friendly team of the "Jaune 2" bookstore, located Rue du Progrès 9 in 1300 Wavre, for their kind invitation allowing us to meet and get to know a designer who loves beautiful things and who leaves you speechless when he practices his art. Many thanks to him for the superb autographs.

Just click on the picture and you will get the bookstore website. If you like comic books, you have to pay a visit to this enthusiastic team.


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