Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys  ©sbap 2020
I do not think it is necessary to have a long historic talk about the Mirage V in Belgium as all the Belgian Air Force enthusiasts know this history and moreover, a splendid book was published by the MPA (Mirage Pilot Association) under the lead of Marcel "Celle" De Petter, where you can find all you have always willing to know.

Although, a little refresh is needed to set the presentation of the BD-09 and her anniversary paint sheme:

The first example delivered to the Belgian Air Force on June 29th, 1970, was a two-seater marked BD-01. Florennes Air Base was the first home base of this Dassault delta aircraft.
A few years before, the Belgian authorities had signed an agreement for the purchase of a total of 106 aircraft, in three versions: 63 Mirage VBA (A for attack), 27 Mirage VBR (R for Reconnaisance) and 16 Mirage VBD (D for 'double'-seat).
In 1988 a modernization program was launched called MIRSIP, for Mirage Safety Improvement Program. Unfortunately the Belgian government decided to withdraw the complete fleet of aircraft from service also including a couple of upgraded aircraft. The career of the delta winged aircraft in Belgium ended in 1994 and 25 aircraft were sold to Chile.
A complete overview of this program can be found in our pages through the link:
MIRSIP, the end of the delta in Belgium

To mark the Mirage's 50th anniversary in Belgium, the preserved Mirage V BD-09, received a special decoration that was unveiled on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 at the Limburg Regional Airport, former Brustem airbase. Thanks to the imagination, the dynamism of the BD-09 preservation team and the support of Grafityp (Special stickers maker) the aircraft received a removable decoration emphasizing on the 50 anniversary and the four squadrons that used the famous delta winged aircraft (1 Sqn "Stingers", 2 Sqn "Comet", 8 Sqn "Blue Cocotte" and 42 Sqn "Mephisto").
Mirage 5BD BD-09 was acquired by a group of enthusiasts in early 2018 and the team has restored the aircraft to static condition. We have to underline that the aircraft now is a real jewell.
Have a look at our page regarding the arrival and a short history of the BD-09:
Delta back home

Thanks to this team, many photographers, too young to have known the Mirage era in Belgium, have on regular basis the possibility to picture the aircraft in real good condition, almost like it was in the "good operational past times". They organize photoshoots, day or night, like professional for the great pleasure of all aged photographers and this team deserves to be supported by everyone thorugh paying them a little visit during their open-doors. Make a virtual flight (simply amazing) or buy some gadgets and other badges, the Delta God will give plenty back to you!
Have also a look at the wonderful night shoot organized by the BD-09 dream team:
Like a Pin-Up

Time now to present the BD-09 and her party dress… Happy Birthday Mirza... good show BD-09 preservation team, you are the best!

The special 50 years decoration
 1970...I remember the first delta's in the Air Force

 Who is sexy? The tail with squadron colours on the right side
 and the golden stripes and special logo on the left side
 The fabulous four (squadron of the Belgian Air Force equipped with the Mirage V)
 Half a century and and still so attractive
 The aviation photographer dream..."The" backseat !
 In front of the doors of his new home, The Brustem Droneport complex The team's little mobile shop, always enough to exchange some euros ;-)
 The beauty and the main gate...
 What a team! Passion, kindness and friendship are their leitmotif
 And to top it off they have a keen sense of humor

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