Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys   © sbap 2017
It has been 10 years now the Potez CM-170R, alias Fouga Magister, made its last flight within the Belgian Air Force. To commemorate this happening, former personnel and fans of the Fouga gathered at Beauvechain, all of this orchestrated by Paul (the last pilot) and Anny (his manager… and spouse).
On September 29, under a bright sunshine, former pilots, mechanics and fans of this mythical machine met up for a homey barbecue at the sides of MT-53 "The Last of the Many". The good old MT-35 stayed for ten years at the Brabantine airbase, has gained some aging signs (between the sheeting) and as such has become a little bit washed out. But the little last one was there, knowing he should be in the spotlights within a Belgium museum !
Anyway, the MT-35 was visited by two of his little brothers, build by Philip Avonds and Wim Reynders. Beautifull work of art, which were flown after the lunch to the greatest pleasure of all particpants.
But another surprise awaited the guests... This time, Beauvechain airbase shuddered once again through the noise of the Marboré of the MT-5, flown in from Antwerp-Deurne airport by Kris Van den Bergh and Danny Cabooter. After a fly-by overhead runway 22R, the aircraft came in to land at the base and was taxied next to its brother in arms, which did not fly again since 2007.
The magic of the Fouga was back on the base for a couple of hours... The friendly mood gave the guests also the opportunity the talk and talk about what... the Fouga of course and personally, I had the chance to see my former "drivers", who made me discover the joy of flight of this famous butterfly tailed aircraft. Thank you Pierrot and Mike, it was a real pleasure to see you again ! And all the others who were some "Red devils" others instructor pilots and mechanics, without whom nothing could be done.
Yes indeed, 10 years already our opus on the Fouga was published with the support of the pilots, the mechanics and other persons related to the Fouga and who; at present, are part of the "ancients" like the MT-35.
This afternoon of September 29th, was a makeover from 2012, and will probably be done again in 5 years... if "Deo Magister" is willing to do so.
The last one and the children
 Helmet festival
 1/48 scale models: The last of the many... ...and the red MT-48, both Paul Rorive aircraft
 A Fouga master piece...
 Arrival of the MT-5
Kris Van den Bergh Danny Cabooter
 "Paul" & "Mike" snifing the Fouga "Pierre", I guess you still love this plane...no?
 Four Fouga's on the base
 The BBQ
 Men conversation... ...and women talk
 Roger ! EBBE scale flight line
 Preparing the display
 Philip Avonds MT-48
 Like the real one
 Wim Reynders MT-35
  Short final
 Pilots, Technicians or simple fan's...the remembrance team 2017

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