Text & Pictures: Régis Rocca (other as mentionned) © sbap 2014

 Confirming an identity, establishing a style...

Last year, and for Escadron 1/7 Provence's first participation in a NATO Tiger Meet, the result obtained was excellent with an aircraft, men and women always among the elite.This year we had to « drive the nail home », taking into account the remarks made after the « Tiger Instinct » episode.  Here then, is my vision for this new Tiger: the Thundertiger . A real Superhero's name ! The overall design is an evolution, a graphic variation on the red thunderbolt theme forming the backdrop for the growling tiger's head on the SPA162 badge, as guardian of the squadron's traditions.  
In order to add to the noble character of the design, the use of a metallic hue -copper in this case- allows for the creation of visual effects that constantly change with the light and the viewing angle. It alternates with black tiger's stripes, similar to those of the animal's fur. On the tailplane: a « better than real » growling tiger's head, airbrushed by hand in the same hues in order to give life to the identity while preserving the overall colour scheme. Black and white are also present to underline the curves born from this new interpretation of the thunderbolt.
As in previous years, painting started about ten days before the opening flag. With ADJ « Harry » Bault as Master Painter and with the efficient assistance of SGT « Ced » Biehler -ESTA St Dizier- the tiger gradually came to life. The techniques and paints used this year represent a real first in the aeronautical world. « Candy » colours, as used by automobile tuners were the starting point of our work.

As is always the case, an efficient design requires a talented painter to be brought to life and once again, cooperation with Harry was of the highest quality.  
Let us not forget St-Dizier AFB n°113 and in particular ESTA (Aeronautical Technical Support Squadron) and it’s Staff who organised the necessary infrastucture allowing us to work in the best possible conditions. Last year's Tiger was an entirely new experience for us all, this year the teams were ready and « on the ball »!
Once the final coat of varnish had been applied, Harry and I proudly returned the aircraft to 1/7 Provence. It was an emotional moment and in our hearts we could all hear the motto « Tiger, Tiger, Tiger! ».
I would like to thank 1/7 Provence and its « Traditions » cell, all who belong to SPA 162, ESTA, its commanding officers and men who came to help, even during the week-end and while on leave. Many thanks to Ced, our assistant painter, always eager to learn and highly motivated. A future Great Painter!
Finally, many thanks to Harry, a genius painter who knows how to get the best out of my ideas and who, most importantly, is a dream partner for projects such as this. Without him « my » aircraft would never have such panache!

Masking and painting Special shades
In the eye of the tiger Last minute adjustments

...And theory

A colourful livery
Golden mist
Typographic composition Copper effect
The team at work
Black is black
To each man his mission
Precision weapon Roaring for 64 years
As seen from the office
Ready to go
Tiger outfit 113-GU in its natural environment (courtesy AdA 1/7 Provence)
Confirming an identity... (courtesy AdA 1/7 provence) Magic duo: Seb "Harry" Bo and Régis "Rage" Rocca

Establishing a style...(courtesy AdA O. Ravenel)

The proud designer our collaborator Régis

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