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The winners of the awards are:

Tiger Games: EC 1/7 “Provence” (French Air Force)

Tiger Dress: Staffel 11 (Swiss Air Force)

Skit: 59/1 Sqn (Hungarian air Force)

Painted Tail: TaktLwG 74 (German Air Force)

Flying OPS: 6 ELT (Polish Air Force)

Tiger Spirit: TaktLwG 51 (German Air Force)

Silver Tiger: Staffel 11 (Swiss Air Force)


The next NATO Tiger meet will be held next year in May at Konya AB, Where NTM’15 will be hosted by 192 Filo of the Turkish Air Force.

TaktLwG 51 (German Air Force) – Tornado

TaktLwG 74 (German Air Force) - Eurofighter T1 Typhoon
JTS (Austrian Air Force) - Saab 105Oe

Staffel 11 (Swiss Air Force) - F/A-18C/D Hornet

ec 1/7 - SPA 162 (French Air Force) - Rafale C

ec 5/330 (French Air Force) - Mirage 2000-5

Flotille 11F (French Navy) - Rafale M

31 Sqn (Belgian Air Force) - F-16AM / BM Fighting Falcon

Drawing by Alexander Vandenbohede

313 Sqn (Netherland Air Force) - F-16AM / BM Fighting Falcon

59/1 Sqn (Hungarian Air Force) - Gripen JAS-39C/D

211 Sqn (Czech Air Force) - Gripen JAS-39C/D
221 Sqn (Czech Air Force) - Mi-24 Hind
6 Sqn (Polish Air Force) - F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon
192 Filo (Tukish Air Force) - F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

814 NAS (Royal Navy) - AW-101 Merlin

1 Sqn (NATO) - E-3A Sentry
Support aircraft
Eurocopter EC665 "Tigre" Heerflierger Learjet 36A from GFD aviation
Casa CN-295M from Czech Air Force Antonov An-26 "Curl" from Hungarian Air Force
Tiger line (Courtesy Luftwaffe AG51) Technical crew on duty (courtesy Luftawaffe AG51)
General Briefing (courtesy Luftwaffe AG51) Mission briefing (courtesy Luftwaffe AG51)
Go for the mission of the day (courtesy Luftwaffe AG51) Tiger spirit (courtesy Luftwaffe AG51)

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