Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
   Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum © sbap 2012  

Kleine Brogel airbase, July 3rd. This day is marked by the takeover of the base commander. After three years of commanding, the Kolonel Vli Frederik Vansina left his place and is followed by the Kolonel Vli Paul Desair. This takeover was held during a formal ceremony in presence of Mister Pieter De Crem, Minister of Defense, General Gérard Van Caelenberge, Chief of Defense ad interim, General Claude Van de Voorde Belgian air Force chief and many guests from the other bases or from civil authorities. During the speech of Kolonel Vansina we could feel his fieriness about the 10th tactical wing. It was for him the occasion to underline some important moments during his command like the organization of the Tiger Meet at begin of his commanding period, the operational mission devoted to the different Kleine Brogel based squadrons in Afghanistan or Lybia, the recurrent problems with the anti-nuclear activists who tried regularly to enter the base and many other challenges. But it was also the occasion to underline the good job done by all the teams especially the F-16 technical crews working in the shadow for the security of the pilots during their missions. To thanks Kolonel Vansina as soon as his speech was over a flyby of 12 F-16’s was performed as last tribute for the 22nd Kleine Brogel commander. Time was now to introduce the new commander Kolonel Paul Desair. Is this a sign of destiny?  Colonel Paul Desair started his operational F-16 career with the 23th “Devil” squadron and become the 23rd base commander after being  head of operations division within the general Air Force headquarter. After the formal new base commander introduction done by General Van de Voorde, a second overfly was performed to welcome the new 10th Tactical Wing base commander. Via this page, SBAP would like to congratulate Kolonel Frederik Vansina for his new career orientation as future Belgian Air Force chief of staff forseen in February 2013 and Kolonel Paul Desair as new commanding officer of the prestigious base of Kleine Brogel.
Many thanks to Kleine Brogel IPR team for the facilities during this report, especially Erwin Hamers as our personal guide.

The FA119 Arrival of the Belgian Air Force band
The 3 Kleine Brogel based squadron flags
A all symbol Few minutes before the ceremony

Arrival of General Van de Voorde

Arrival of Kolonel Vli Frederik Vansina  
Both Belgian and American flags During the national hymn's
General Van Caelenberge General Van Den Put head of King Military House Mr Pieter De Crem, Minister of Defence
Passing the troops We could feel his fieriness about the 10th tactical wing
in Kolonel Vansina speech
A first flyby as tribute to Kolonel Vansina  

Intoduction of the new base commader Kolonel Vli Paul Desair
by the General Claude Van de Voorde

And the final overfly welcoming the new Base Commander  


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