Belgian Air Force Demo Team 2012
 Text & Pictures : Jacky Vincent
© sbap 2012  

The well-known Tiger Meet was planned in Monte Real but regarding the European financial crisis and particularly the delicate situation of Portugal, the 2012 edition was relocated in Norway at Ørland air base home of the 338 Skadron of the Norwegian Air Force between May 29th and June 8th.
Called “Artic Tiger”, this edition could be considered as a little Tiger Meet regarding the amount of participants, the special decorations and this, again, thanks to the ongoing financial crisis.
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Poland and Austria were present in the north but only as observer. Most of the active participants went to Ø
rland with old tiger decorations and with some small modifications on the former design. Only the Turkish and French Air Force sent full new tiger decoration designed airframes.
The press and spotters day held on June 1st, was a little bit confusing, some participant aircraft took the shortest taxi track and the planes couldn’t be photographed in good conditions, little bit frustrating!
Also, the most important aircraft of the edition, the Norwegian 2012 tiger aircraft didn’t participate to the missions and was only visible in a hangar on Saturday during the public open door held for the 100 years of Norwegian aviation…sad, sad, sad!
Weather conditions were not top with sometimes heavy rain, snow or hail. But this only during our travel, during the photo-shoots we benefited of large sun appearance. Referring to a local aviation lover, the weather in June was unusual, usually the weather at this period is quite good with temperature between 20 and 25 degrees. An interesting note for the readers who want to plan a trip in Norway…the speed limitations on the highway are set at 80 Km/h and the expensive life regarding  boos and food.
Since we are back in Belgium, some other news of the Tiger Meet came in. The winner of the Silver Tiger Trophy is…the 31 Squadron of the Belgian Air Force. The 31 Squadron is awarded for the 8th time. In addition, their crew chiefs where set into the spotlight and received the special tiger spirit award for showing their tiger spirit for already many years. The senior of the crew-chief group, has participated in no less than 26 Tiger Meet! Congratulations Kleine Brogel, congratulations 31 Squadron…Tiger Tiger Tiger!

Complete results:

Silver Tiger Trophy
Best Flying Unit  
Tiger Games winner 
Best skit
Best Looking
Most Fancy paint scheme

31 Squadron
11 Staffel
1st Squadron
230 Squadron
                     Geschwader 51
Geschwader 51

Belgian Air Force
Swiss Air Force
Royal Air Force


Last interesting information is that the next Tiger Meet will be held in…
Norway at Ørland air base and is planned between June 17th and June 28th, 2013

The Norwegian special tail could be seen only in a hangar...
The F-16B/M 692 was still wearing the 2007 tiger scheme
Lockheed P-3N "Orion" from 333 Skv based at Andennes/Andoya
Norwegian Air Force Seaking Mk43B  display The 330 Skv is based at Bødø
The F-16A/M display of the Norwegian Air Force for the 2012 season
Belgian Air Force 31 Squadron F-16A/M Belgian Air Force 31 Squadron F-16B/M
Some 31 Squadron members posing with their tiger
The 2012 Silver Tiger Trophy winners
The French Air Force Rafale C from EC05.330 of Mont De Marsan
Netherland Air Force F-16A/M from 313 Squadron
Tornado IDS from AG51 of Scheswig
Tornado ECR from JBG32 of Lechfeld
Bombardier Global 5000 from FBS BMVg based at Köln Gates Learjet UC-35A from GFD (Electronic Warfare Simulation company)
F/A-18C from Staffel 11 of Meiringen
Cessna 560XL from Lufttransportdienst based at Bern
The most newest and colorfull scheme came from Turkey The blue tail F-16C-50
The red tail F-16D-50 from 192 Filo of Balikesir
Saab JAS-39C from 211 Sqn of Caslav Saab JAS-39D from 211 Sqn of Caslav
A special guest from the US, this Boeing KC-135R from OHIO air national guard


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