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As everybody knows since a long time, Cambrai Airbase will close in June 2012. As a consequence the disbanding of the last active Squadron in Cambrai : the 12th squadron “Cambresis”.

This historic squadron of the North of France was disbanded during an official ceremony held on Friday March the 30th. To underline the end of the story, some aircraft were decorated for the occasion.

Special tails for two Mirage 2000C and a Rafale, but especially the Mirage 2000C 103-YN with a full and splendid decoration. All designed by our collaborator Régis “Rage” Rocca and realized by Sebastien “Harry” Bault.

This page is divided in three parts. A little history of the BA 103 “René Mouchotte” and the 1/12 “Cambresis”, the second part is the making of told by Régis and the third part is dedicated to the last day of the 1/12 with a general overview of the exposition, the ceremony and a fifth special painted aircraft…

Since March 30th , no more afterburner noise, no more delta shape and no more tiger roars in the north of France skies. Again an historica page is turned because of geopolitical changes and especially due to financial short term view like everywhere in our Western world.

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