BDA : Winter Migration !
Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum  sbap 2012


In preparation of the great Belgian Air Force event, the June Florennes air show, a great scale emergency exercise was executed on March 22nd.

During the first day of the Air show, a first accident happened in the old military vehicles area not far away of the old TLP apron. Old armament exploded and rapidly the emergency team got to the accident, but sadly one of the participants passed already away. Half an hour later, around 11:30, an explosion happened in the VIP corner. Probably a gas bottle got the fire at the tent with people inside. The emergency plan was immediately launched and the fire brigade was the first on site. Immediately the visitors and the press were evacuated from the area to let the emergency make his work. The present press members were directed to the press centre to have a first point of the situation. News were not so good, some people passed away, but at this time no more informations. A press meeting was planned later on, around 1:00 PM. During this time we could see the Agusta helicopters proceeding to the evacuation of the injured people to the different hospital in the region. At 1:00 PM, the press point was held at TLP theatre by the Base Commander and the Mayor of Florennes. Many victims were deplored. Four deceased (with the one of the old vehicles group) and 22 injured in different stages. Decision was taken to cancel the event on Saturday, but also Sunday. According to the informations, the operation was held with efficiency by the military emergency teams, no regional emergency plan has to be launched.

This was the scenario of the exercise that can be qualified as successful. All is ready for the next Florennes air show that will be one of the great aeronautical events in 2012 in Belgium.

A beautiful sunny day... ...a batch F-16's taxiing...
...on the way to the holding point... ...for a formation fly pass during the airshow
Static display with many Florennes based vehicles The UAV unit present his material
A B-Hunter waiting the next mission like during real operations Sudently an accident happend at the old military vehicles display
Half an hour later an explosion happened in the VIP corner Many people are burned and the firebrigade is already present
The evacuation is ongoing All emergency vehicles are present at the dramatic point
Heavy duty for the firemen During both accident 4 people deceased and 22 where seriously injured
Press and public are evacuated from the area... ...under the control of the instalations protection unit
Some evacuation must be stronger as some others A first press information point was given by the Base Commander adjunct
Agusta A109 evacuating the victims A press meeting held by the base Commander and Florennes Mayor

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