Schaffen Fly In 2011 : Rain & Old Timer

Text: Régis Rocca  &  Pictures : Régis Rocca & Marlène Poppi - ©SBAP 2011 



An indian summer on the French Riviera is something priceless. And if you add to the sunshine and the mild temperature a vigorous aerial display and a sexy american style airshow, you have all the ingredients for perfect bliss. Which was the case on October 8 and 9 in the skies over Sainte Maxime, Var Département, where 165 000 spectators attended a Free Flight World Masters competition. 

On the menu for these two days, a high quality aerobatic contest and a number of “bonus” military guests, such as the Alpha jet and Rafale Solo Displays, the French Air force Aerobatic Team (inter alia) and the Patrouille de France, with its last display over French territory for the 2011 season on that very Sunday. 

A special meeting, with no static display, as the aircraft were stationed at various airfields in the vicinity and were flown over the bay only, a situation made up with an exhibition of the official French Air force Painters, various stands and French Air force simulators (Cap 10 and Mirage). 

These two days were organized in two parts, training and placing of marks in the morning, and displays in the afternoon. Unfortunately, some of the teams were unable to fly on both days, the "Patrouille Cartouche Doré" flew on the Saturday only, for a training flight under an overcast sky and the Alpha jet Solo display on the Sunday only. 

The main players for this leg of the competition were Mika Brageot and Kathel Boulanger, French Aerobatic Team members, with a very delicate “pas de deux” at the controls of their Xtrem 300 Sbach, Capitaine Rallet, FFWM winner after this stage and Capitaine Le Vot, French Air force Aerobatic Team, both flying Extra 330s. A special mention for Cne Le Vot and his dazzling displays during the whole weekend. Followed Brit Gerald Cooper and his Cap 232 and Eric Vazeille and Bertand Boillot who offered the public a fine dialogue between the Xtrem and the S2B Pitts. Closing this aerobatic ballet was Nicolas Ivanoff flying his Edge, a real star of the stage, ambassador of the airshow sponsor and ex Red Bull Air Races competitor, with his clean and precise flying. 

After the propeller driven planes came the jets with a historical dimension instilled by the ever majestic Fouga Magister. Then came the Alpha jet Solo Display and Capitaine Michaël and his Rafale “30 000hrs”, a display combining grace and power, as always. Finally there was the "Patrouille de France" and its customary precision flying, painting the sky red, white and blue above the beach where the youngest spectators could admire the show standing with their feet in the water. 

In the margins of the airshow the public was offered a mouth watering show on the ground, given by the "Stade de France" pom pom girls, and the privileged VIP guests were attended to by the kind and charming hostesses of the event sponsor, watchmakers Hamilton. 

My sincere thanks go to Magali, from Bleuciel Airshow, organizers of the airshow, for her constant availability, her professional attitude and her precious help over these two days.


Mika Brageot
Xtrem 300 Sbach


Kathel Boulanger
Xtrem 300 Sbach

Cne François "Raloche" Rallet & Cne François Le Vot
French Air Force EVAA (Equipe de Voltige de l'Armée de l'Air)
Extra 330

Gerald Cooper
CAP 232

Eric Vazeille
Xtrem 300 Sbach

Bertrand Boillot
Pitts S2B

Nicolas Ivanoff
The Free Flight Worlds Masters final formation pass
French Air Force "Patrouille Cartouche doré"

Potez CM 170 Fouga Magister (Berger)

French Air Force Alpha Jet solo display
Cne Michaël Brocard and his Rafale "30000H" solo display
French Air Force "Patrouille de France"
South of France ambiance...Sun, Pilots, planes and why not...some pretty girls!


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