The "Reds" for two pilot remembrance

Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - ©SBAP 2011 


On August 10th Spa-La Sauvenière in the Belgian Ardennes was the place chosen to commemorate the disappearance of two Belgian pilots forty years ago.  
In December 1971, Robby De Bruyn and Roger Fagnoul disappeared during a SF.260 delivery flight in the  mountains
of Irak.  
Both pilots were from the Belgian Air Force and in parallel they flew for the Italian company SIAI.  
It's during a transfer flight of an aircraft of the Singapore Air Force that the crash happened.
The story of both pilots is now told in a book written by General 
er Michel Mandl and this remembrance day was the occasion to present this book.
To underline this commemoration, the Belgian Air Force Red Devils team was present for a demonstration, in fact Roger Fagnoul was also a former Red Devils pilot on Fouga Magister.
After some speeches and the book presentation, the
Red Devils did their fair weather presentation and the enthusiasm of all the invited public and
old pilots present at this ceremony was obvious. This was also the occasion for the retired pilots to chat and recollect old souvenirs and experiences.
During this event, the summer holiday activities continues and this was also a good opportunity to make some pic
tures of local aircraft.   
Also this was a nice treat for the spectators present for the event to witness an amazing demonstration done by Guy Rotheux and his Pipier Cub
As a conclusion we can say that August 10th at Spa was a nice remembrance day for two Belgian aviation figures who too early disappeared...

SBAP would like to thanks the organisators for the report facilities and particularly "Mich" Mandl for his usual kindness.


If this story captures you’re  interest,
the book of “Mich” Mandl can be ordered
with the “Vielles Tiges
de l'aviation belge” association.
(Click on the book for the order form)



Local activities

OO-ALE : Reims aviation Cessna F172M Skyhawk II


OO-HBW : Reims aviation Cessna F150G


OO-HCT : Robinson R44 Raven


OO-SPA : Cessna 208 Caravan I

The usual activities of Aero-para club SPA  
Yak 52 during maintenance in the ceremony hangar

OO-HDZ : Robinson R22 Beta II


OO-E21 : Aeropro Eurofox

Participant arrivals
  OO-SPG & OO-LGB : Piper L-18C Super Cub
Arrival of the star of the day : the Red Devils  
the mascot of the team... ...showed by Peter, one of the technician

OO-SPQ : Piper L-18c Super Cub

  a nice demonstration with a splendid background

N60LT : Pilatus PC-7

The ceremony
Didier Waelkens, general secretary of the VTB association General er "Mich" Mandl during the remembrance speech
Showing his new book... ...and signing his work
The Red Devils presentation
Briefing..."Papy", "Albert" and "Mel" Open talk
"Stef" ...with the presence of Jacques "Red" dewaelheyns first Fouga "Reds"
Preparing for the show everybody in place
start up some drills
on taxi  
"Mel" the four "reds" going to the holding point
"Papy" at take off... ...Pull up !
Climbing in box formation and down after the first clover leaf
preparing to cross the solo above a looping
and for the !
A last pass for the break and downwind Break !
Technician in action after the flight Hot is over


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