Snowbirds @ Saint Hubert

Text & Pictures : Pierre Gillard sbap 2011


This Saturday, on May 28, 2011 for the third consecutive time the aviation day for the Air Cadets was held.  Indeed, since 2009, the centennial of flight in Canada, the League of air cadets is hosting an event for young people interested in aeronautics in the buildings of the National School of Aeronautical Engineering located on  Saint-Hubert military air force base near Montreal.
Within the school premises, several educational institutions, organizations, associations, magazine publishers
, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police installed a variety of kiosks.
Many cadets also had the opportunity to fly aboard a small civilian aircraft. Unlike last year, there were no joy flights on board the Bell CH-146 Griffon military, because all aircraft of the 438 Squadron of the "Wildcats" were assigned to missions, including support interventions following the floods in the Richelieu region.
Of course, during such a day, the planes are still the main point of interest. This year's guests of honor were the Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces aerobatic team flying the venerable Canadair CT-114 Tutor. Their performance in the sky of Saint-Hubert was long overdue and almost didnt happen because of the terrible weather that characterizes the spring of 2011. However, in the morning, the
team was still able to make a short training flight in the grayish air, including a pass over the airport. During the afternoon, around 14:30, take- off of the Snowbirds to fly over Mirabel before returning at 15:00 above the airport in Saint-Hubert, where, miraculously, the clouds seemed to disappear for the purpose, so to say. Despite the fact that in some places you could see a few patches of blue sky,  the team made its presentation to the horizontal band much to the delight of hundreds of cadets gathered on the taxiway "Bravo" and the old section of runway "18-36". After landing and when the Snowbirds pilots had joined the ENA building for a huge autograph session the flood began. So we were very lucky to escape the rain after the magnificent spectacle of the Snowbirds!
If we could possibly be a little bit disappointed than its due to the fact the planes of Vintage Wings of Canada Gatineau havent been able to come because of bad weather. Still there was much to be happy about, for example the presence of a Boeing CF-18B Hornet of the 425 Squadron of "Alouette", a Eurocopter AS350B3 AStar of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a replica of a Bleriot XI type "military". This plane, built with attention to details by Pierre Racette in Sainte-Hyacinthe, should make its first flight shortly after a braking device has been installed at the request of Transport Canada
authorities, something that Louis Bleriot himself was forgotten. Finally, who says "cadets," says "gliders" and, therefore, a Schweizer SGS-2-33A was exposed inside the hangar A22 ENA.
As a conclusion, the day was a success even though the weather was disturbing some planned activities. We are now looking forward to the 2012 edition!


ENA hangar with the different activities Aerocommander from ENA
Eurocopter AS350B3 AStar of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Boeing CF-18B Hornet of the 425 Squadron of "Alouette"
Bleriot XI type "military". The pilot office
Mister Andrei Radulescu on board the Bleriot XI The signaling plate of the aircaraft


More than words...the pictures of the Snowbirds !

                                                                                             Snowbirds 2011


                                                                    N1      Maj Chris Hope                               Leader

                                                                    N2      Capt Jean-Francois Dupont             Inner Right Wing

                                                                    N3      Capt Padruig MacIntosh                  Inner Left Wing
Capt Yanick Gregoire                     First Line Astern
Capt Brett Parker                          Second Line Astern
Capt Denis Bandet                          Outer Right Wing
Capt Marco Rusconi                        Outer Left Wing
Maj Ryan Stich                              Opposing Solo
Capt Brett Glaeser                         Lead Solo



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