Text & Pictures : Marc Arys © sbap 2011

During the F-16 solodisplay routine the aircraft collided with a civilian aircraft, which happened to have entered the airfield zone.

Both aircraft crashed onto the airfield, the F-16 into a parking lot.
The pilot of the F-16 ejected, but was seriously injured.
The occupants of the civilian aircraft also sufferd multiple injuries. Other victims, with one deceased person,
were to deplore in cars hit by the crashing F-16 into the parking lot.

Military emergency services were rapildy on the scene and together with the civilian services, called upon, organised the rescue of the victims.
A VMP (Vooruitgeschoven Medische Post – Forward Medical Post) was installed and the ‘GMP’ (Gemeentelijk Rampenplan – Community ‘Disaster’ Plan) was issued.


This was the scenario of the Post Crash management (PCM) exercise held at the Koksijde airbase on Monday, May 09, 2011.
As with previous exercises of this kind, the aim is to process the existing procedures, evaluate and if necessary adapt them to increase
the efficiency and efficacity of all emergency services involved.



F-16AM solo display in action High speed 360°
Low pass before climb, few seconds before the collision the F-16 crashed onto two cars in the parking lot
The firefighters at work
The firefighters extracting the victims and transporting them to the 'vooruitgeschoven medische post'  (VMP)
  The VMP


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