Minsk Airport: Belavia home base and more...


Text & Pictures : Eddy Devroey - SBAP       


Minsk Airport logo The Belarus National Company


The Minsk International airport is located a about 40 km east of the Capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Formerly the airport was also designated as Minsk-2.  It became operational in 1982 as successor of the Minsk-1 airport situated South of the capital.  This airport still is operational but only for domestic flights.  The Minsk international airport handles about 1 million passengers on yearly basis.  There are no direct flights with Brussels.  The airport has one runway with a length of 3640 meters !


Belavia (Национальная авиакомпания Республики Беларусь )  is the Belarussian national air carrier with home base Minsk.  Itís still a very young company that was founded in 1993. Prior to this date in the Soviet era Aeroflot was the national company throughout the complete union of Soviet States.


On the pictures are some Belarusian governmental planes visible namely a
Yakovlev Yak
-40 (EW-88187), Boeing B737-8EV  BBJ2 (EW-001PA) and Tu154m (EW-85815).


Planes from the airliner Ruby Star Airways a private enterprise founded in 2002 and from Trans Avia Export created in 1992.

In total there a 4 airline companies active in Belarus
and based at Minsk 2 intenational airport:

Belavia (6 x Boeing 737-500, 3 x Boeing 737-300, 4 x Canadair CRJ 100/200 LR & 4 x Tupolev TU154m )

Ruby Star Airways (2 x Antonov An-12BP & 1 Ilyushin Il-76 TD)

Gomelavia (1 x Antonov An-12BP & 3 x Antonov An-24RV )

Trans Avia Export Cargoline (8 x Ilyushin Il-76TD)



Many of the support vehicles fleet are old timers... Close up on the Tupolev 154m (EW-85703)
A mix of old Russian planes and new American generation aircraft When the past meet the present
Boeing B737-524 (EW-252PA) Belavia is member of IATA quality group
Belarus Governement aircraft Ilyushin II-76 TD without any registration
Il-76MA from Ruby Star, Il-76TD from Trans Avia Export
and the nose of a Ruby Star An-12
Il-76TD from Trans Avia Export (EW-78827)
Result after a snowy night stop Canadair CRJ 100/200 LR (EW-276PJ)
The Minsk International airport 2 became operational in 1982


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