Indian Day & Guinness Book Record

Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum sbap 2011

Traditionally like every year also this year it was time for the 15th wing of Melsbroek Air base to organise their Indian Day. This, in the first place biker event, was already held now for the 14th time.  On the program 2 trips of over 120 kilometers spread over the day with arrival back at the 15th wing in time for the evening festivities.  Many bikers as usual came to this event to enjoy the special atmosphere and the nice sunny weather.

This year a special act was organised namely the second attempt to break a record moving a C-130 Hercules with a weight of 67 tons over a distance of 100 meters by 84 people in weelchairs.  The organisation behind this event is the association ' Blijf actief', an organisation that strives to help disabled people to keep active in their daily lives. The former attempt to break the record failed but the enthousiasm and perseverance to try again made it a succes this year and a well deserved quotation in the Guiness book of records was achieved.
After the preparation of the towing cables and the loading of the aircraft to get the weight 67 tons the participants took their places.  Everybody ready ???  Here we go!!!
Suddenly after some seconds of extreme tension the plane began moving forward, the crowd around and the coaches screaming to encourage the participants no to give up with the goal of achieving the record in sight.  After a tremendous effort finally the nose wheel passed the 100 meter mark and a few seconds later the main wheels did the same.......the records was achieved and all participants extremely happy and proud of their performance.  After official confirmation of the record by a judge, time came to open the champagne bottles and celebrate the event by taking some more souvenir pictures.
For the spectators and journalist alike this was a touching moment that brought up deep admiration for the strong will of these people in their weelchairs to establish what has never been done before.
They showed that even in a wheelchair with the right amount of will power, nothing is impossible.

More informations about "Blijf Actief" association :

14th edition of the Indian Day at Melsbroek Air Base, the well known bikers concentration
Bikes and planes under the sun
Lockheed C-130H Hercules Lockheed-Martin F-16A pilot office could be visited
During the event the civilian traffic was still ongoing Indian traditions at 15th Wing
Maintenance hangar with the CH01
Falcon 900D in preparation for a VIP flight
The Guinness Book Record !
The preparations
Loading of mterial to get the maximum wheight of 67 tons
The CH04, the partner of the record
Everybody take is place
CH09 back from African mission salute the record participant
All is ready !  Waiting the go...
We will have this record now...doggy will help !
Here we go !
The nose wheel passing the line.... ...and now the main wheel. The record is homologed !
Champagne ! A last picture of the participant and their partner "Hercules"
A sympatic participant and his trophy...
Congratulations to the "Blijf Actief" association



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