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Like every year the Belgian defence started their recruitment sessions. The starting point was held on March 10th at Beauvechain Air Base with the “Fly to your dream” open day. The goal was to open the gates of the Air Base to a group of youngsters interested in a military career,  particularly in the Air Component.  Around 300 young men and women came to the base to check out what the job of being a pilot exactly means and also to have a look at the other possibilities offered in the Air Component like survival, forward air controller, meteo wing, UAV (unmanned vehicles) specialities and many other jobs available in the Air Component. The youngsters  had the opportunity to talk with different members of the Air Component department  and could ask all they wanted to know. It was also a perfect moment to admire the different Air Component aircraft and pay a visit to a C-130H or a Seaking helicopter. Again we could see that the F-16 Fighting Falcon remains the most fascinating aircraft of the Air Component for the young people, certainly after the two demo attacks on the base by a Kleine Brogel and Florennes aircraft. Some of the visitors also got the opportunity to make a flight in an Embraer, a Seaking or an Agusta. Certainly something unforgettable for them and who knows, the start  of a dynamic career.

In 2010, 1200 jobs were open for all the Belgian Defence components together. Those who are interested,  the inscription closure dates are March 31th, may 4th or June 30th depending on the chosen specialities. More information about the different jobs can be obtained in one of the 11 different information and recruitment centers of the defence or by calling the free number 0800 33348.

This day at Beauvechain Air Base was of course fixed on the Air Component but other job days are foreseen in the other component of the defence as well.
More information and contact points can be found via the link :

http://www.mil.be/jobsite/index.asp?LAN=fr or http://www.mil.be/jobsite/index.asp?LAN=nl


Survival stand A view on the different equipement
Sea survival equipement The facination of the F-16
Forward air controllers vehicle... ...and their sofisticated equipement
Always a must for the young people : the flight simulator F-16 pilot for a moment
80 UAV squadron with the B-Hunter... ...and the command post
Some flights offered to the youngsters The sympatic cockpit crew of the Embraer 145
Coast angel, the Westland Seaking Some are young but knows what they will do later
Possibilities to talk with the pilots Why not to be helicopter pilot?
Student pilots of the 5th squadon present to share their experience with the youngsters Waiting the F-16's attack of the base
Belgian pilot detached at Tours in France and flying French A Jet General Van De Voorde, Chief of the Air Component
during one of the many interviews
From SF.260 to Fighting Falcon The trainer and the fighter
Unique possibilities to discover the different material used by the Air Component The defense thru the canopy
Agusta A 109 in MEDEVAC version... ...and the cabin amenagement
Agusta A 109 Anti-Tank version The Belgian Alpha Jet based at Cazeau
Alouette III from Belgian Navy is also a part of the Air Component fleet C-130H Hercules, always a facination for the young people
The work of the crew chief could be seen in life On taxi to the holding point, back to Tours Air Base

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