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Text &  Pictures :Serge Van Heertum, Luc Dujardin & Marc Arys © sbap 2011


Thousand of visitors went to Le Bourget during the public days



The 49th  Paris Airshow of Le Bourget which was held from 20 to 26 of June can be qualified as the one of business recovery.

Indeed, with leaving the economic crisis, the large manufacturers such as Airbus recorded a number of orders which can already be called “the year of record”.

The few figures below even speak about them.

Superjet (Sukhoi)

The figures include the ferm order, options and MOU of intention.


On militarily side, no real great innovation, behalf first the Parisian appearance for the Airbus A400M which somewhat “missed” his entrance, suffering engine problems at the level of the gearbox preventing the prototype of the future transport aircraft of the Belgian Air Force to perform his flying display, that was considered as one of the must of the flying display program held everyday.

The speech of French Republic President, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, held during the inauguration of the event underlined the will of the French government to limit the disparate studies on similar projects as it is currently the case for the future unmanned aircraft of the French Army which are at study level  by Dassault Aviation just like at EADS and thus to avoid extremely expensive doubled blooms with the taxpayers. The “guéguerre”(sic) should not be any more and the large manufacturers must join ,this is in the long term what wants the president and the government which will set up a monitoring of the processes.

During the 2011 edition, it is necessary to note two main tendencies in the aeronautical world. The first of these is the ecology and the “clean” plane. Several manufacturers launched out in this crenel such as for example EADS which took again the concept of the “Cricri” (the smallest plane of the world) to be equipped by four electric motors (becoming thus the smallest four-engined plane of the world). And let us not forget the presence of the well  known Solar Impulse which is the current one representing flight without fossil energy.

The second tendency is the increase of unmanned planes called drone. Indeed, a multitude of models were presented and force is to note that considerable manufacturers launched out in this field to have a part of this gigantic market.

The edition 2011 was also characterized by a strong American presence as well military as civilian, even if the giant Boeing made only a short appearance of two days with the B-787 “Dreamliner” and the new version of the “Jumbo”, B747- 8.

Once again it was an excellent edition self with less of real innovations. Sadly the flying demonstrations were not as the one some years ago when large manufacturers needed to present their all catalog in a wonderful ballet like it was with the “Falcon” family of Dassault or all the different ATR models flying all together.

Gradually, the aeronautical world seems to leave economic stagnation and forecast that the future will push the manufacturers to find the need to spread out their complete catalogue to attract the potential customers.

The airshow of Le Bourget is so vast that SBAP team selected to divide the event into five parts. In each part, you will find a selection of the best pictures. To reach the desired chapters, click on the picture of the desired topic.

Have a nice trip to… Paris Le Bourget 2011 !


Aircraft exhibition

A view on the static display including
the most recent realisation, modernisation
and also historical airplane...





The 2011 edition of Paris airshow underlined
the new milatary trend with the developpement
of different kind of unmaned aircraft.
Many constructor presented their realistations...



Aerospace companies exhibition

Hundred companies from all the world
where present at Paris Le Bourget
to present their products always
related to the aviation world...



Flying display

As usual Paris Le Bourget is also the airshow.
Different prsentations where held along the all week.
Some new aircraft, classics like the Dassault family
or historic airplane have made their presentation
for thousand visitors...



Line and curves

Another view on the present
aircraft underlining their design...






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