Melsbroek Indian Motor Day 2010


Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - SBAP



The 13st edition of Indian Motor Day was organised at Melsbroek Air Base on Saturday May 29th. This manifestation is in fact a biker concentration and the start point of their run is the 15th Transport Wing tarmac. This event can be consider as a little open door and the interest, beside to see plenty of impressive bikes, is also the possibility to have a look at the 15th Wing fleet and the Brussels National airport activities. Behalf the C-130's and other Embraer's of the Belgian Air Component a special guest was present coming from Canada, a CC-130E equipped with the COPS (C-130 Open Skies Pod System) pod used for the Open Skies treaty missions.
Remark : SAMSON (
Special Avionics Mission Strap-on) is the Lockheed denomination for this pod that you will find in many article about the Open Skies Treaty.

More than words...follow the bikers...

Little open door with possible visit of a C-130H and Police activities

CE01 with new tail CE02 will also have the new tail design
CE03 also ready CE04 still wearing the old colours
CE01 with the 60 years logo CE02 ready for European presidency
Oportunities to watch the technical side of the 15th Wing
Special guest
Lockheed CC-130E from the Canadian Air Force 8th Wing based at Trenton, Ontario
The COPS pod under the left wing with the "pod group" markings
The COPS pod with protections on the camera holes


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