Gilze Rijen 2010 : A great airshow !


Pictures : Serge Van Heertum & Eddy Devroey - SBAP ©


Every year we can find the same tradition with our neighbours from Holland and in particular with their air force, the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLU), in what they call ‘De Luchtmachtdagen’ (the days of the Air Force).

In fact, these are two days dedicated to the KLU where the general public receives an overview of the possibilities and capacities of this agency highlighting the latest materials together with a massive recruitment program. The authorities also take advantage in the organisation of an airshow, which trough the years grew out to become an European even a worldly notoriety with the presence of Asian journalists.

This year again, these two days were a succes gathering over 250.000 visitors and despite the mixed weather ranging from grey to blue and including some heavy rainfall on Saturday the show was outstanding.

Blending old aircraft and modern jets the show lasted a mere of 07.30’hours (including the traditional lunch break). So during more than 7 hours, Mustang, Spitfire, Lancaster, Harvard and other aircraft played together with F-16, Gripen, Hornet and other training airplanes.

Various teams were also present which showed off their expertise : Patrouille de France, the Red Arrows (those two teams flew only on Friday ), the Turkish Stars which gave a professional and dynamic  performance and also the Spanish team Aspa, in a fine aerial ballet with their Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri.

But the highlights of the day were without a doubt the massive demo of all helicopter types in use with the KLU (together with a Belgian ‘pal’ from Koksijde) ; the ‘power demonstration’ of the Ducth forces in a true-like scenario of modern warfare including pyrotechnical effects, F-16, AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook and other Cougar and the demo of the C-17 Globemaster III which gave a breathtaking show, given the size and mass of this aircraft.

After these two days of intense performances the organisers invites us for the 2011 edition which will be held in the northern region of Holland on the airbase at Leeuwarden. We can almost predict that these days will be as outstanding as those of the 2010 edition.

SBAP would like tot thank Major De Jong and the press team of the KLU for their kindness and obligingness during our stay at Gilze-Rijen.



Potez CM-170 R1 Fouga (Dutch Historic Jets Association) Douglas DC-3 (Dutch Dakota Association)
Aero L-39ZAM (Slovak Air Force)
North American P-51D
Aerospatial SA342M Gazelle (French Army) Ali Ozturk Aerobatics
Lockheed Martin F-16AM (Belgian Air Force)
Defence helicopter and SAR demo
Dornier DO-228 (Netherland Coast Guards) Agusta Bell AB412SP (Netheland Air Force)
Westland Lynx (Netherland Marine)
NH-90 (Netherland Marine) Seaking Mk48 (Belgian Air Force)
Alpha Jet E (French Air Force)
RNLAF Historical flight
Lockheed Martin F-16AM (Danish Air Force)
Saab JAS 39C "Gripen" (Czech Air Force)
KLU Air Power Demonstration
KLU solo display : Boeing AH-64D "Apache" & Lockheed Martin F-16 MLU
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX
Hawker Hunter F.6
Patrula ASPA (Spanish Air Force) Eurocopter EC-120 "Colibri"
Saab JAS 39C "Gripen" (Hungarian Air Force)
Avro Lancaster (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - RAF)
Mc Donnell Douglas / Boeing F/A-18A (Spanish Air Force)
Royal Jordanian Falcons (Jordanian Air Force)
NH-90 (Finnish Air Force)
Boeing C-17 "Globmaster III"  (United States Air Force)
Mil-Mi 35 (Czech Air Force)
Turkish Stars (Turkish Air Force) display team
Gates Learjet C-21A (USAF) Mig 29UB (Polish Air Force)
Let 410 (Czech Air Force) Sukoi SU-22M-3K (Polish Air Force)
Aero L-39ZA (Slovak Air Force) Sikorsky SA-70A-42 (Austrian Air Force)
Mil-Mi 24V (Czech Air Force) Aerospatial AS532U2 (german Air Force)
Aerospatial SA316B Alouette III (Belgian Navy) Blériot XI


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