Text: Serge Van Heertum       Pictures : Serge Van Heertum, Marc Arys and Eddy "Bink" Kellens (COA-IPR)



This year, the Belgian Defence has launched a new recruitment concept based on the interactivity between the candidates and the military personnel in active duty. For this purpose, a new web site is available as well as a green phone number where young people interested in a military career can get all the required information. Since 2010, there is also an agreement with some civil organisations in order to help the population find a job. Moreover, it was the occasion to change the recruitment specifications. The selection sessions are planned over 2 days; the physical condition of the candidate must be perfect, the medical conditions have to be at top level and, finally, the authorities have implemented the “zero tolerance” for drug addiction.

To start and underline this new way of recruiting, Kleine Brogel Air Base was accessible to the young people interested to see the different career possibilities in the Air Component and in doing so, collect more information and receive answers to their questions at the different stands during this info day. Last but not least, all these youngsters - and maybe future defence team members - had the opportunity to make a flight around KB in different flying machines like the Agusta A-109, Alouette III, Seaking or Embraer 145 with a QRA interception high above the clouds.

Some 300 young people went to the base to discover many job possibilities for their future.


More jobs informations :

Dutch :     http://www.mil.be/jobsite/vacature/index.asp?LAN=nl

French :    http://www.mil.be/jobsite/vacature/index.asp?LAN=fr


Green Number : 0800/33348


Information center adress :

French :     http://www.mil.be/jobsite/subject/index.asp?LAN=fr&ID=985

Dutch :       http://www.mil.be/jobsite/subject/index.asp?LAN=nl&ID=985


We would like to thank the  COMOPSAIR/IPR team  for granting us this report.


Young pilot student give explanations about the basic fying course and the Siai-Marchetti SF.260
The F-16 and his armement Explanations around the F-16 fighter
F-16 : the dream for some young people Agusta A-109 in Medevac version
Spatial orientation Flight sim : a way to taste the F-16
Like a dream The UAV stand
Many information stand The meteo wing
The Aces II maintenance was also open to the public Fighter and transport
Young people had a flight oportunity : Seaking Mk 48... ...Navy Alouette III
...Agusta A-109 ...and Embraer 145
Take off Some lucky young people...
... enjoying a flight Above the snowy Belgium
And finaly for the Embraer passengers a QRA (quick reaction alert) interception above the clouds...
...a fantastic way to show the know how and open the mind to chose a defence carreer...

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