Deurne Fly In : 20th Stampe and 4th Ercoupe edition, a great success


Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - SBAP



The well known Stampe Fly In organised at Deurne airport since 20 years now, is always a great success of participation and amount of interested visitors. 4 years ago, the organisators decided to also hold an Ercoupe Fly In and gives the possibility to the visitors to discover a particular all metal American built aircraft. 

Moreover this well appreciated aeronautical manifestation is also the occasion to admire some special guest.

The 2010 edition was held on May 15th and 16th and was a real aeronautical fair with aircraft from Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, France and of course many Belgian preserved flying machines. The 2011 edition will certainly be the place to be...


The SV.4 was designed in the early 1930's as a biplane training aircraft by Stampe et Vertongen from Antwerp. The first model was the SV.4A an advanced aerobatic trainer followed by the SV.4B with redesigned wings and the 130 hp/97 kW De Havilland Gipsy Major.
Only 35 aircraft were built before the company was closed during the
Second World War. After the war the successor company Stampe et Renard built a further 65 aircraft between 1948 and 1955 as trainers for the Belgian Air Force.
A licenced SV.4C version was built in
France by SNCAN (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord) and in Algeria by Atelier Industriel de l'Aéronautique d'Alger, the two firms completing a combined total of 940 aircraft. The postwar SV.4Cs were widely used by French military units as a primary trainer. Many also served with aero clubs in France, numbers of which were later sold secondhand to the United Kingdom and other countries.

Many of the preserved SV4bis are previous Belgian Air Force aircraft such as the OO-PAM and OO-PAX

The oldest SV4 still flying in the world, the OO-GWC From the other side of the channel, the G-AIYG
Former V42, the OO-WIL In the early Belgian Air Force colours, the OO-GWB
Equipped with a Lycoming engine, the OO-KAT In French Navy colour scheme
From Germany the D-EFPS The OO-SVB on taxi
Difference between open cockpit (C model) and equipped with a canopy (B model)
Fly by of the Stampe & Vertongen SV4 present at the event
How to protect the pitot tube...poor chicken !


The ERCO Ercoupe is a low wing monoplane first manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) shortly before World War II, production continued after WWII by several other manufacturers until 1967. It was designed to be the safest fixed-wing aircraft that aerospace engineering could provide at the time, and the type still enjoys a very faithful following today.
The two-seat ERCO Ercoupe 415 went on sale in
1940 but only 112 were delivered before World War II intervened, halting all civil aircraft production. By mid-1941, aluminum supplies were being diverted to war-related production, so ERCO decided to manufacture Ercoupes for military use by using wood as the principal building material. The substitution of wood resulted in a heavier Ercoupe, but the aircraft flew much more quietly because the wood absorbed vibrations from the engine and air flow. Ercoupes were flown during the war by the Civilian Pilot Training Program for flight instruction, and the Civil Air Patrol used them to patrol for German submarines.

D-EOPI from Germany Not the one of the prince but also from Great Britain
A Belgian based Ercoupe, OO-PUS From Sweden, the SE-BF
Also from Germany the D-EJOR An all yellow Ercoupe based on other side of the channel
All metal American registrated N3330H Elegancy in flight
A real special design for an aircraft designed before the second world war !

Other guest and homebase aircraft

Deurne is also the homebase of Cityjet airlines, previously VLM
A T28 Trojan, this plane is just finished about his restauring and is awaiting his first test flight
North American T-6 from Eric Vormerzeele... ...and the one from Danny Cabooter of Deurne
A wonderfull Cessna 195 from Germany Piper L4 "Cub"
An impressive Beechcraft D17S "Staggerwing". The aircraft is still wearing its registration received in 1937 : NC18028
Fokker DR1 replica in the colours of Lt Von Raben
The same during engine run up (Kurt Vanden Noortgate)
The Rockwell OV-10 "Bronco", an impressive air to ground attack aircraft


The Stampe fly in, the place to be...don't miss the 2011 edition !


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