BruMil : ASEM 8 international terminal

Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - SBAP


Between October 03 and October 05, BruMil, as well as ABELAG General Aviation and BRUCARGO platform, was one of the international terminals for the ASEM 8 meeting . During this time the apron was filled with governmental aircraft from Asian and European countries. Heavy duty for the personnel and a unusual view of Melsbroek tarmac…


What is ASEM 8 ?


ASEM 8 is the 8th edition of an international political and economical meeting held between Asian and European countries.

Created in 1996, Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a discussion forum bringing together the 27 country members of the European council and 16 Asian countries from ASEAN (South East Asian Association) and NESA (North East Countries Association). The main goal is an exchange of ideas in different matters like international politics, economical exchanges, social and cultural points of view. Asian countries are important partners on the world level. Do not forget that Asia accounts for 58% of the world population and holds more than 60% of the world trade value.

This year the meeting was organized in Belgium, a unique opportunity for the capital of Europe to show the Belgian knowhow in organization and security matters. In the margin of the meeting, ASEM 8 also witnessed the official integration of 3 new members, Australia, New Zeeland and Russia.

ASEM 8 is a good preparation for the next G-20 meeting that will be hold in a month at Seoul (Korea).

This unusual traffic in Brussels and particularly at Melsbroek Air Base was a unique opportunity to perform a photo-shoot of exotic wide body aircraft, therefore SBAP would like to thank the 15th Wing authorities, Kolonel Peter Lepez and the staff of Melsbroek for their help on this report.



BruMil as international terminal India, Korea and Vietnam wide bodies together at BruMil
Boeing 747-437 from Air India
Boeing 747-4B5 Korean Air Force One
Boeing 777-26K ER Vietnam Airlines
Iliushin IL-62M from the Russian State Transport
Boeing 747-47C from Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF)
Melsbroek Air Base and his unusual visitors (Filip Wouters - 15 Wing) Preparing the plane for the evening departure (Filip Wouters - 15 Wing)
Canadair CL-600 "Challenger Danish Air Force Dassault Falcon 900EX Republica Italiana
High level of security 2 Agusta A-109 back from mission above Brussels
Air security ensured by the Federal Police and the Air Component
Heavy trafic and activity at Melbroek during this international ASEM meeting

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