Malaga International Air Festival 2009


Text & pictures : Marc Arys (S.B.A.P.)


Playa La Malagueta was the host for the International Malagan Air Festival on September 06, 2009. This was quite a nice change from the usual 'airbase' shows, as the display line was over the sea along the shore, which permitted some nice flight passes. For the holidaymakers this was also an opportunity to watch an airshow relaxed in their beachchairs... Despite a cloudy start, weather cleared up and we all enjoyed various displays under the sunny skies of Andalucia.




Participants of this years event :


- Bücker formation (Spain) : flying 4 Casa Bücker C1-131-E Jungmann
- Piper formation (Spain) :

flying 2 Piper J3C Cub

- Eurocopter EC135P-2+ (Spain) Demonstration of the Policia Nacional (Spain), also used with the 'Special Intervention Unit'
- Eurocopter AS 355N Ecureuil 2 (Spain) Demonstration of the Trafico (traffic unit) Minsiterio del Interior. Used to monitor traffic and evacuate victims of traffic accidents
- Mbb BK117A3 (Spain) Demonstration of the Gardia Civil, showing off its flying and videosurveillance capability
- Antonov AN-2 (Hungaria) : the biggest mono-engined biplane in the world. Can accomodate up to 12 passengers. Excellent slow flight capability making it able to carry out very short take-offs and landings
- Sikorsky S-76C (Spain) SAR demonstration
- Canadair CL-215T (Spain) : in its water bomber role. The aircraft made several bombing passes, scoping up water in between these. To show off the amphibian possibility, the aircraft actually landed on the water, taxied out and took-off again.
- Patrulla Milano (Spain) : flying 3 YAK52 from the Asociacion Deportiva Milano 52, based at Fuentemilanos (Segovia)
- Proyecto Alas (Spain) : 3 skydivers floating through the air with their especially designed jumpsuits. With such a suit the strait of Gibraltar was crossed during a jump.
- Hispano Aviacion HA200 Saeta : the first Spanish build jet aircraft. This aircraft served the Spanish Air Force in its ground attack role as well as a trainer. It was replaced in 1980 by the Casa C101 Aviojet, as flown by the Patrulla Aguila.
- Pioneer Formation Team (Italy) : flown on 4 Alpi Pioneer 330 Microlight aircraft. Spirited show, even using flares with their aircraft
- Ramon Alonso (Spain) : 2007 Aerobatic World Champion with his Sukhoi 31. Simply breathtaking !
- Patrulla Aspa (Spain) : 5 Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri, flown by instructors of the Escuela de Helicoptero de Armilla (Granada)
- Harrier AV-8B (Spain) : of the Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy). Based on the aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias
- Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon (Spain) : from the Ala 11 based at Moron
- F-16 (The Netherlands) : Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 solo display, flown by Capt. Ralph 'Sheik' Aarts
- Patrulla Aguila (Spain) : flying 7 Casa C101 Aviojets in a wonderful display. The team is based at the San Javier airbase in the Murcia region of Spain. It still is the only military demonstration team having a member flying a full inverted looping and are also renowned for their formation landing



We would like to thank the organisation members for their kindness and their obligingness during our stay.



The Bücker formation
Piper J3C Cub Eurocopter EC135P-2+
... with members of the Special Intervention Unit Eurocopter AS355N Ecureuil
Mbb BK117 A3
Antonov AN2 Sikorsky S-76C
  ... and diver leaving the helicopter
Canadair CL-215T Taxi after landing. Quite impressive with the water spraying all over the aircraft
Patrulla Milano on 3 YAK52
  Proyecto ALAS. Skydiver out of the AN2.
You can see the special shape of the jumpsuit
The main parachute is pulled-out of its container by means of a drogue chute  
Hispano Aviacion HA200 Saeta
Pioneer Team on their Very Light Aircraft
  ... with flares...
and coloured smoke at the end Ramon Alonso and his Sukhoi 31

... breathtaking ! Patrulla ASPA
Very impressive flying
... low level...  
  Harrier AV 8B
... hovering above the water...  
Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 solo display. Flown by Ralph "Sheik" Aarts.
Patrulla Aguila
Mirror flight  


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