Belgian National Day 2009


Text : Serge Van Heertum

Pictures :

Marc Arys (S.B.A.P.), Serge Van Heertum (S.B.A.P.),

Vincent Pécriaux (Les Ailes Militaires Belges) & Eddy "Bink" Kellens (COMOPSAIR IPR)


Above the Royal Palace in Brussels


July, 21,  the Belgian National Day, is the occasion to show the military material to the Belgian people and particularly the aircrafts of the Belgian Air Component. The themes of this years aerial flypast were the 30 years of the F-16 and the 40 years of the training airplane SIAI MARCHETTI SF.260 in Belgian service. SBAP had the opportunity to make some aerial pictures during the rehearsal on friday July, 17 as well as during the official flypast on July, 21 flying with the SF.260 and Seaking. This report is completed with pictures taken on board of the C-130H and Alpha Jet with courtesy of Vincent Pécriaux and Eddy Kellens.



Friday 17th, rehearsal with the SF.260. (Serge Van Heertum)


Three airplanes flew this training flight, in fact, the three 'box' leaders forseen for the National Day.

My pilot was Maj. Avi Jean-François "Jief" Balon Commanding Officer of the 5th Squadron.

The whole navigation gave us a flight of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Weather conditions : heavy wind but a spectacular visibility.


Ready for the rehearsal Concentration due the heavy wind
During the navigation In formation with the leader
Major Jean-François "Jief" Balon, CO of 5th Squadron Spectacular visibility
The fort of Breendonk The Royal Military School in Brussels
The lake of Genval A last join up before Beauvechain
In the wing of the leader Just before the break
Landing on runway 22R The ST18 in final (E. Devroey)


July 21, National Day

Alpha Jet from Cazaux airbase. Six aircraft and one spare. (Eddy Kellens from COMOPSAIR IPR)


The Alpha Jet line north of the base In formation during the navigation to Brussels
Smoke on !  Little rain over Brussels during the flypast Heading for Beauvechain for another smoke pass
Red smoke for the left wingmen View during the smoke pass
In the backseat "Bink" himself


SIAI MARCHETTI SF.260 from Beauvechain airbase. Eighteen aircraft and three spares. (Marc Arys from S.B.A.P.)


One of the "Fly to Your Dream" contest winner getting into ST12 Holding point 22R
All the SF.260 lined up on the runway and ready for take-off
Waiting the go ! A pass overhead Beauvechain before the navigation to Brussels
Always follow your leader ! Navigation direction Heist Op Den Berg
The box above Brussels After the pass, a right turn
Back in Beauvechain area
In the "40" formation at the base Break overhead the runway to rejoin
the righthand downwind leg for landing
Just before us... Landing on the main runway 22R


Westland Seaking Mk 48 from Koksijde airbase. One helicopter. (Serge Van Heertum from S.B.A.P.)


The RS04 during refueling  The "CO" :  Major Hans Heyvaert
The pilot : Alain "Sluze" Versluys The diver : Dirk De Kerf
Navigation in the vicinity of Sint Niklaas Followed by our shadow
Join up with the Alouette III M-1 of the Navy
In position for the pass over Brussels Cargo door open, impressive view
The flight engineer : Dirk "No Bomb" Just ahead of Brussels, the A Jets and SF.260 The Medic : "Peter"
Seconds before landing The crew... many thanks guys ! Technical verifications after the flight


Lockheed C-130H Hercules from Melsbroek airbase. Three aircraft. (Vincent Pécriaux from Les Ailes Militaires Belges.)


On the flight line The cockpit during the navigation
The left wingman In position for the pass


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