Mickey handover…


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Who doesn't know “Mickey” and his superb F-16 demonstration?

After 3 years of airshows and thousands of spectators who vibrated by seeing his evolutions, Cdt Avi Michael Artiges passes the hand to his colleague “Mitch” Beulen of the 349 Squadron based at Kleine Brogel.

To end 3 season of high stunt-flying and power, “Mickey” offered a last demonstration above Florennes air base, with a snowy background to its guests and the press on December 3rd.

Impressive as usual…

Joined after its demonstration by “Mitch”, our two guys made a superb break before touchdown.

Back to the parking and after shutdown, they yielded with the requests of the photographers, in order to immortalise this moment and their cordial handshakes.

To summarize, “Mickey” is a great "Gentleman", a noble-hearted friendly family man. He will continue his career on F-16 and SBAP wishes him a lot of success.

Also let us welcome “Mitch”, who in his turn will get the crowd to vibrate and will carry the Belgian colours high in the sky.

For both of you, good flight and always safe landing.


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Cdt Michael "Mickey" Artiges

Cdt Avi Michael Artiges joined the Belgian Air Force in 1993 as an airfield policeman. He integrated the Promotion 93A and after a successful training, received his wings in 1995.

After a conversion onto the F-16 in the United States, Cdt Artiges passed through the OCU with the 10th Wing at Kleine Brogel. Finally he joined the 350 Squadron based at Florennes. During this period he participated actively in the Balkan campaign.
In 2002 he left this Squadron for the Operation and Evaluation Center (OEC). After this administrative period, Cdt Artiges went back to an operational unit, the 1st Squadron also based at Florennes.
During his career, "Mickey" has totalised 2450 flight hours, of which 2050 on F-16!




Who is Michel 'MITCH' BEULEN?


The new demo pilot of the Air Component F-16 Solo Display 2009 - 2011 is Michel "Mitch" BEULEN of 349 (F) Squadron at Kleine Brogel Air Base.
Mitch was born on June 16th, 1975 in Oostende and lives together with Kim and his 2 sons, Niels and Mathias, in Hasselt since 2003.
He acquired his first flying experience with the Belgian Air Cadets (BAC) in 1992. In October 1996 he joined the pilot's promotion (Prom Pil) 96B. From January 1997, Mitch received basic flight training on SF260 Marchetti with the 5th Squadron at Beauvechain , the Advanced Flying Training on Alpha-Jet with the 7th Squadron and his Initial Operational Training with the 11th Squadron. On 16 December 1998, he received his pilot wings.
In September 1999, Mitch moved to
Kleine Brogel for his operational conversion on the F-16 in the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU). Initially on F-16 OCU (block 15) and afterwards on F-16 MLU (MidLife Update). In September 2000, he joined the 349 Squadron.

Mitch worked through the entire training cycle from Combat Ready to Force Leader in his Squadron. He took part in various specialised courses such as the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) in Florennes and the Operational Test & Evaluation Course (OT&E) at the National Test Pilot School (NTPS) in California (USA). He also took part in exercises such as: ACMI - NOMAD - Maple Flag - Red Flag - Green Flag - NATO Air Meet (NAM) in Konya (Turkey) - Bold Avenger as Director of Operations (DOO) in Örland (Norway) and Air Defence Meet in Landivisiau (France).
He participated in the F-16 M4 test program (Early Operational Assessment and Operational Test & Evaluation) an flew operations during Operation Joint Falcon in Amendola (Italy).
Mitch totalises more than 2000 flight hours of which 1700 on F-16.



"Mickey" and Mickey
Start up in the shelter   on taxi
High speed turn   low speed pass
High speed   Negative climb
Low roll   Mickey and Mitch
Break   and a last pass over the squadron
Back to the parking   Following the crew chief signs
Concentrated till the shutdown   and here is the new one!  Welcome "Mitch"
"Mickey" his trusted crew and "Mitch"   Mickey and his real fan club...


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