Text and photos :  İMarc ARYS and İSerge VAN HEERTUM - S.B.A.P.


On February 06 and 07, 2008, the Belgian Air Component organized two 'Open Days', titled "FLY TO YOUR DREAM", intended to attract young people interested in a military career within the Air Component. These days were spread between the two main jet fighter bases being Kleine Brogel on February 06 and Florennes on February 07.

The interested young men and women had a complete overview of the various aspects of the Air Component with personal of the different specialties answering their questions.

In the TLP (Tactical Leadership Program) hangar they could find information on the Meteo Wing, the survival division, air traffic control, the fire department and of course on the flying staff. Some of them had the opportunity to fly a F-16 through the means of the flight simulator, others came to test their spatial orientation.

On the apron, one could find the various aircraft types used by the Belgian Air Component as well as some aircraft of the French Air Force with which Belgium has got a joint training program.

The grand final was, without any doubt, the flight in an Airbus A-310 from the 15 Wing at Melsbroek offered to all particpants and 'intercepted' by F-16A/M from the QRA (Quick Reaction Alert).

Let's hope those unforgettable moments have awaken some vocations so that the personal of tomorrow was indeed present at these 2 days.

We would like to thank Maj. Avi. Peter LEPEZ, Adj. Chef Peter DEWAEL and the staff of COMOPSAIR/IPR for their obligingness and kindness.