Operational Integration Exercise (OIE 07)
16 - 18 july 2007

Text and photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©

In parallel with the ceremony celebrating 20 years of OCU, the OIE 07 (Operational Integration Exercise) took place at Kleine Brogel airbase from July 16 till 18, 2007. The base was the home of a broad package of different aircraft, gathering over 30 NATO aircraft from various countries.
The scenario was a fictious enemy - Scandimania - claiming Northern Germany as its territory. The primary targets for the friendly packages were airbases at Wittmundhafen, Nordholz and Diepholz. As with all air exercises, in-flight refuelling was also provided : one RAF 101 Sqn VC-10 operating from Kleine Brogel and one 100th ARW KC-135 wich operated from RAF Mildenhall.

On July 17, a spotters day, which turned out a big succes, was held and allowed the public to watch the preparations of the aircraft, take-offs, landings and fly-by's during the exercise.

Thousands of spectators and spotters were drained to the site to witness this event, which was also covered by the Belgian broadcast station VT4 (on TV on July 22, 2007). The event is also covered in the September 2007 issue of Air Forces Monthly

Once again, a whole lot of pictures were taken by all the photographers and as SBAP was amongst them, we will take you through some of the highlights of this day.

Our thanks go to the Public Relation Service of the Belgian Air Component and as such Maj. Van Pé, Adj C. Peter Dewael and all of their staff members for their help and obligingness.


Splendid flightline with more than 30 NATO aircraft.   Antonov AN26 from the Hungarian Air Force in support for
the JAS39D Gripen.
Hungarian Air Force Saab JAS39D Gripen, based at Kecskemet
air base, home of the 59 TFW / 1 Sqn 'Puma'.
  F-16 BM from Kleine Brogel at take-off.
F-16 AM with afterburner.   Czech Air Force Saab JAS39C of the 211 TL
based at Caslav.
Full power take-off of the Eurofighter Typhoon F2
of the 29(Res) Sqn based at Coningsby.
  The sky is the limit !
Powerfull demo of Cdt. 'Mickey' Artiges, F-16 solo display pilot of the Belgian Air Component.
Fly-by with the very last operational Fouga - MT35 - of the
Belgian Air Component and 'Mickey'.
Vickers VC-10 C1K wearing the 90th anniversary colours
of the 101 Sqn from Brize Norton.
  The Marine National was present for the second year with 4 Rafale M.
All 4 are from the Flotille 12F based at Landivisiau. Impressive !
F-16 AM, FA134, is still wearing the logo of the
60th anniversary of Kleine Brogel airbase.
  Always on the scene, a F-4E Phantom II from the Hellenic Air Force.
The aircraft is from the 338 MPF based at Androvia airbase.
A couple of Rafale from the French Air Force also participated in
this event. Take-off of Rafale B from 1/7 'Provence' based at Saint Dizier.
  Aermacchi MB339CD from Lecce Galatina, homebase of the
61 Stormo / 212 Gruppo.
Tornado IDS wearing the markings of JBG33 based at Büchel.   "The last of the many" made some passes to show off
his upper wing tuxedo.


Text and photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©

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