Belgian Helidays 2007- 8th edition of an excellent brand

Texte & photos : Serge Van Heertum & Marc Arys - S.B.A.P.©


The week-end of May 12 and 13, 2007 saw an intense activity within the boundaries of the Bierset airbase, despite the fickle weather. Number of visitors, all aeronautical amateurs in general and helicopter lovers in particular made the trip to the Liège area.
Throughout the years, the Belgian Helidays became a "must" on the European, and perhaps worldwide scene.

This year again, number of particpants did answer the call and the public was gratified with some superb as well as exotic machines. But much more than words, do the pictures tell it all...

If you missed this edition of the Belgian Helidays, we can only advise you --- DO NOT MISS THE NEXT ONE !!!!!!

S.B.A.P. would like to thank ADC Peter Dewael of the Public Relation section of the Belgian Air Component as well as all the members of the team of Patrick Wauters for their devotion, kindness and obligingness.