September 02 and 03, 2006

at Beauvechain Airbase


S.B.A.P. was present so do also have a look at our  Photopages


Text & photos : Marc Arys and Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


Do click on 'Valentine'

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On August 02, 2006, Beauvechain airbase hosted the press-conference on the Belgian Defence Days 2006. After an introduction on the subject by Col. Avi. Thierry De Schrevel, BaseCo of the airbase, and Col. Tripniaux, Col. Avi. De Schrevel gave a complete overview of this years happening that took places on September 02 and 03, 2006.


Col. Avi. De Schrevel

Col. Tripniaux


Press attendance


To promote these Belgian Defence Days 2006 the communication ran through a recruitment campaign of 1500 personnel ; a TV-commercial (do click on 'Valentine' overhead or on this link) on Club RTL, PLug TV, RTL TVI, La Une, La Deux and En ; a radio-commercial running on Radio Contact (french talking) and Radio 2 (dutch talking) ; on the official site of the Belgian Defence - as well as a presence of Belgian Defence info-stands at various happenings :


    - the Tall Ships Race from August 19 till 22, 2006 in Antwerp

    - at Walibi from August 23 till 25, 2006

    - Four Days of the Ijzer from August 23 till 26, 2006




Besides the commemoration of the the 60 th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force (now Belgian Air Component), this yearly event allowed the Components and Departments of the Belgian Defence to demonstrate their mastery and materials to the general public.

Various stands and exhibitions gave this public the opportunity to have a closer look at the professionalism that make the Belgian Defence one of the better military forces in Europe.


The general concept of these Defence Days was spread over 3 main themes :


    - Defence : ever more useful and closer


    - Belgium into service on 4 continents for peace and safety


    - Defence jobs



To give the public the opportunity to have a look at the professionalism of the Belgian Defence Components various exhibits took place.


On the static side (grounddisplay) we had :


    - 100 interactive stands of the 4 Belgian Defence Components, the Staffdepartments and General Directions

    - 1 compound with a field-hospital - type "Peace Support Operations"

    - 50 airplanes representing 14 countries

    - Music band of the Belgian Defence


Besides this static exhibition, a dynamic show included :


    - Joint demonstration of an assault including the Air-, Land- and Medical Components - it was a little difficult to include the Marine Component
      on the airbase

    - Airshow including military- and civilian aircraft  as well as 6 international teams. In all 28 flightdemo's totalizing more than 50 aircraft

    - A flypast commemorating the 60 years of the Belgian Air Force (now Belgian Air Component)

    - 600 'public' seats for a flight in an airplane or helicopter (won through a quiz on the internet)



The Belgian Defence Days 2006 were a great success (about 85.000 visitors) which permitted everyone, big and small, to discover all the aspects and occupations offered by the Defence Components.
Days like these do show again that the army no longer deserves the nickname "the great mute" as she was once called.


S.B.A.P. would like to thank the Belgian Defence Public Relation services and in particular Adjudant Chef Peter Dewael for his care, obligingness and help and in doing so making it possible to bring you this report.




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