21 july 2005 : the fly-past
Text and photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©



Like every year, the National Feast-day lives his march- and fly-past at the "Place des Palais - Paleizenplein" at Brussels. This year emphasized also the 175 years of Belgium and 25 years of federalism.


As for the fly-past, 2005 saw the participation of a great number of different aircraft types.

You will find a complete list on the site of our fellow colleagues of BAHA :




SBAP has had the opportunity to sit behind the scenes of the fly-past at the 15 Wing at Melsbroek as well as to be part of it aboard an Embraer 135.


12h30 - Briefing. The mission commander explains the different items of the mission : the kind of participating aircraft, the timing : start up 14h10, Taxi 14h20, First Take off at 14h38 for the C 130, at 30 seconds the Embraer and, last but not least, at 14h52 the Airbus A 310.
Then the weatherman takes over and gives the outlook : " Status Blue, Tail wind 30 knots over Brussels, Cloud base 2000-2500 Feet... Time check... 12h54... 3..2.. 1.. Top."


Some other precisions are given to the crews : "TO 25R, Taxi via Alpha 3. Altitude over Brussels 1200 feet for C130, 1300 for Embraer and 1500 feet for the Airbus. After Pass Climbing to 1800 feet. Direction Beauvechain, Flora and Return to Bru”.


This concluded the briefing and after some information exchanges, the crews head for their aircraft.

Each one completing his turn around and then, it is time to start up. Taxi, take off and.. the sun comes out timidly...


We fly towards the costline, subsequently turning around to head for Brussels. Aalst is the alignment waypoint, everybody settling up at his given altitude. Fly-over of Brussels and the Royal Palace is speedy and we are already heading out to the Limburg, passing overhead Kleine Brogel and then back to Brussels again,.. break,.. landing.


Once more the fly-past was a real success much for the delight of the people attending the event.


SBAP has the pleasure of presenting you the photographs of this fly-past with the 2 Embraer of the Belgian Air Component.


We would like to thank the Minister of Defence André Flahaut for granting us this flight and to all the members of the 15 Wing for their care and help.


Pilots briefing   "Steve" is the "mission commander"
On of the C-130 crews   Weather briefing
The C 130 awaiting their crews   Turn around of the Embraer
Colonel Feuillen at the controls   The C 130 lining-up in front of us
Line-up on the 25R Formation flight for the 2 Embraer
Flying over the Escaut - Schelde   Other view of the CE 02
The magic of formation flying   Fly-past over Brussels - Royal Palace
Fly-past over Brussels - Royal Palace   Break !
 The crew of CE 01 : Jean-Luc, Sacha and Carry « Thanks For All Guys ! »


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