Koksijde Airshow 2005

Text & Photos : Marc Arys and Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©


Every year the Belgian coast sees her airshow organised at the Koksijde airbase. This year the show was postponed untill September 03 & 04, 2005, as the usual date, the first weekend of July, was dedicated to the Defence Days.


The authorities made a very good choice granting a fantastic weather to the public present to enjoy the flights of various modern aircraft as well as "vintage jets" like the T-33A, F-86A, Folland Gnat or Jet Provost.


The climax on Saturday sported blue, white and red colours in the name of the Patrouille de France, although they had to present their 'adverse weather' flying program due to the hazy skies of Koksijde.


With a blue and a bright sunny skie, Sunday saw the joint flight of a Shooting Star and a Sabre, with the T-33A giving away a beautiful demo pointing out the smoothness and elegance of this airplane.

Besides the more usual presentations none the less crowd thrilling of the Fouga, Alphajet, Mirage 2000 or our own F16 A/M, this weekend saw also a rare sighted aircraft, the Mig 29 UB of the Hungarian Air Force (it was a pity the airplane was not able to perform on Sunday due to an engine problem).


On the static side one could also find some rare machines like a Pilatus PC6 of the French ALAT (Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre), a Cessna F406 of the French Air Force, a Hellenic F4E, a Nimrod from the RAF as well as more current ones.


To cover as much as possible this event, your faithfull servants were on site on Friday, during the arrivals and rehearsals and also on Sunday for the airshow.


We would like to thank the crew of the General Staff of the Belgian Air Component for their care and indulgence.



Jet Provost T5A, early trainer aircraft from the RAF,
now under civil registration based at North Weald


Folland Gnat T.Mk1, former RAF trainer aircraft


Second Folland Gnat Mk1, almost in full 'Red Arrows' colours


Piper Archer II from the Sabena Aero Club. Although Sabena has gone,
 this great lady is still present in the memories of various associations
established under her wings of the past


Royal Navy Jetstream T.Mk 2 from 750 Squadron at Culdrose
(HMS Seahawk)


Pitts S-2


De Havilland Tiger Moth


SV 4


Royal Air Force Griffin HT1 from the Defence Helicopter Flying School


Belgian Air Component Embraer ERJ 145 from 21 Squadron


Belgian Air Component Dassault Falcon 20 of 21 Squadron.
Both aircraft of this type have been completely modernised
with a.o. a "glass cockpit"


Belgian Wing Heli Agusta A109HA demonstrator


Royal Navy Seaking AEW Mk 2A with retractable radar


Belgian Air Component Seaking demo with underslung load


Pilatus PC6 B2 from the ALAT (Aviatation Légère de l'Armée de Terre)
wearing the 50th anniversary (2004) markings of this corps

Are the Belgian "Red Devils" back ?


Sadly no ! The Potez CM170 Fouga Magister will end his carreer in the Belgian Air Component in August 2006
after more than 45 years of faithful service.


Irish Air Corps Beech 200 Super King Air, regular visitor
of Brussels National Airport


Danish Air Force Saab T-17 Supporter based at Kaarup


Royal Air Force Bae Hawk T1A from 100 Squadron


Fly past of 2 Belgian Kleine Brogel F-16 A/M after an airfield attack


Belgian Air Component F-16 A/M demonstration flown by Cdt. "John" Vandenbosch


French Air Force Mirage 2000 RDI from 2/5 Squadron
"Ile de France" at Orange-Caritat


Bae Nimrod MR2 from Kinloss


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