Belgian Helidays 2005   


Text : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.

Photos : Marc Arys and Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


The seventh edition of the Belgian Helidays took place as usual at the airbase of Bierset on June 04 and 05, 2005 at the initiative of the Wing Heli.


A little bit of history to emphasize that since 2 years the previous denomination of Army Light Aviation was abandoned in favour of the Wing Heli of the air component (COMOPSAIR) of the Belgian Ministry of Defence.
As such the Wing Heli forms integrally part of the flying structure in the defence department. Such a change-over is not only nominative but also brings on quite a reorganisation, for which reason there was no edition of these famous Helidays in 2004.


2005 saw again a success story, not only by the participants having responded positively to the invition, but also to the perfect organisation. Less visible but not less important was the safety. This aspect was emphasized and demonstrated to the journalists during the press conference held some days before the event.


Referring to this organisation, the public and other spotters came in massive numbers as during the precedent editions to admire some hundred 'machines', helicopters and aircraft mingled (yes, there were some fixed wing aircraft present).
It is useless to enumerate all of the participating aircraft as your dedicated site will show you through the photopages how much the people having made the trip were spoiled by the organisers.
As the Helidays are also familydays, number of activities were put up to content each and everyone of us. Contests, broadcast animations, exhibitions, modelism, quad circuit for kids, etc...


So, if you have never been to this unique event on the old continent, do not miss the next edition !


We would like to thank all of these that have made this week-end a success and particularly Colonel Olivier Colmant Base Commander of Bierset and Captain Patrick Wauters and his crew, for the care and obligingness to the members of the press.




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