SBAP is also making design on request for patch, key-ring or clothes.
Have a look at our productions and if you need informations
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SBAP patches        
Basic SBAP 2005 SBAP photographer 2013 SBAP 10 years 2014    
Belgian Air Force
Belgian Air Component
Last Fouga flight Last Fouga flight (2nd model) Hardship Red Hardship Red Nametag Tator BAF Demo
40 years Marchetti Student pilot Instructor Instructor B brevet (Silver) Instructor A brevet (Gold)
5th sqn nametag SF.26 in flight test pilot 60 years 15th wing BruMil 15th wing duty crew
10 years Enb-Falcon section 10 years Embraer Alouette II last flight A109 pilot A109 pilot (Low Viz)
A109 pilot (Low Viz Desert) A109 maintenance Navy flight Belgian Air Force 150th SSMW Prom
Red Devils 2013 40 years C-130H 40 years Falcon 45 years C-130H (1972 - 2017) 9th Squadron Centenary
Patch desigh never produced
Belgian Police
Other civil authorities
15 years air support unit Brussels police Brussels police (Low Viz) Red Cross La Panne  
Civilian - Aeroclub
Balloon club
WEBA pitts R-2160 aerobatic brevet Civilian nametag Coyotte Ballon Club Coyotte Ballon Club (2nd model)
Balloon Pilot AAS nametag AAS nametag (2nd model) Silver Wing Magazine  
french Air Force
French Navy
Field mecanic C-135 Field mecanic C-135 nametag ET.01.061 nametag Flotille 4F shooting campaign Flotille 21F (desert low viz)
Flotille 21F (low viz) Flotille 31F Dupleix exercice Flotille 31F Dupleix exercice    
Air Support Unit (Belgian Police) 300.000 Flt Hrs SF.260 Last flight Alouette II Flotille 21F  

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Falcon/Embraer section
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9 Sqn (VEC) T-Shirt logo

      Historical center Beauvechain
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