Session 03

Text & Photos : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


The actual TLP session (03) saw the first participation of Spanish Typhoon and Czech Gripen, but also modernised Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom.

S.B.A.P. has had the opportunity to be part of the fotoshootsession organised by the staff of COMOPSAIR IPR on Wednesday June 04, 2008 at the Florennes airbase, home of the TLP.

This initial batch also means the start of the next generation fighters to be part of future international exercises.


TLP Program 2008


    TLP 2008-01      14/01/2008 till 08/02/2008 (Kinloss UK)


    TLP 2008-02              Canceled


    TLP 2008-03     19/05/2008 till 13/06/2008 (Florennes B)


    TLP 2008-04     18/08/2008 till 12/09/2008 (Florennes B)


    TLP 2008-05     06/10/2008 till 31/10/2008 (Florennes B)


    TLP 2008-06      24/11/2008 till 19/12/2008 (Florennes B)



Spanish Air Force Typhoon...   ... from the ALA CASA 11
The Spanish Air Force sent 2 two-seater and 1 one-seater   Firts participation of Czech Gripen
This small new generation fighter on taxi   Turkish Air Force modernised F-4E Phantom II (look at the dorsal antenna),
one of the characteristics of the modernised version
The modernisation was done by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)