C-130H crash

Text & Pictures : Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.


On Friday, june 27, 2008, at 10:01 local time a C-130H from the Belgian Air component crashed on the runway of Koksijde Airbase.

The crash was probably due to a brake problem. The aircraft collided also with a military vehicle. This accident made also dramatic consequence out of the base area. Two vehicules collided on the road near the runway.

Rapidely, the emergency plan was deployed and all the injuried people where dispatched to the first medical post.

A couple of hour later, the base commander Lt Col Rudy Theys, was given a press conference to give the first explanations about the crash. 10 peoples where injured on different state, but sadely 1 civil comes away in the car crrash.

Of course, this was the dramatic scenario used for the Post Crash Management (PCM) exercice held at Koksijde.

The goal of this kind exercice is to evaluate all the reactions in case of a real accident and of course bring the needed ameliorations.


So all the following pictures are only an exercise !!!

The C-130H crashed at the end of the runway A military vehicle was also impacted
Rapidly the emergency plan was started The first injured are moved
Outside 2 vehicles collided Some of the crew are still in the cockpit, awayting the rescue
The crash evacuation team is fully busy to transfert the injured peoples
The families of the victims are shocked A press point was given by the base commander