katsuhiko "Katsu" Tokunaga in Belgium
Text : Serge Van Heertum  Pictures : "Katsu", Serge Van Heertum & an Italian friend...


Thanks to Sven Lodewijckx and Edith Timmermans, some aviation photographers and aviation fans had the opportunity and privilege to meet Katsuhiko Tokunaga, the world top air to air photographer. This was for our SBAP team a great moment being able meet this sympathic and humble personality of the aviation world.

The evening started with a presentation of pictures made by "Uli" Metternich, a retired Luftwaffe Tornado navigator. This was the warming up with some pleasant air to air shots from Tornado and other international Air Force jets.

Followed by the presentation of Mister Tokunaga divided in two parts. First an overview regarding himself and the professional aspects of his job with a question an answer moment for the people present. The second part was a selection of his best shots...great great great...there are no other words !


Who is "Katsu"?


Katsuhiko "Katsu" Tokunaga was born in 1957. He is certainly the most popular aviation photographer, specialized in air-to-air photography of military jets and civil aircraft as well.
Tokunaga started his career in the backseat of a
United States Air Force T-33A Shooting Star in 1978. To date he has flown more than 50 different fast jets in some 50 countries, logging 1400 flight hours in his logbook. He is working for the most important aircraft manufacturers like Dassault, Lockheed-Martin, MIG, Sukhoi, Eurofighter, Embraer, Pilatus and much more. He flew and photographed many display teams all over the world. The list is really impressive :  Royal Air Force "Red Arrows", Japanese "Blue Impulse", Canadian "Snowbirds", Croatian "Wings of Storm", Chilean Air Force "Halcones", French Air Force  "Patrouille de France", Aeronautica Militare Italiana "Frecce Tricolori", Portuguese Air Force "Asas de Portugal", Slovak "Biele Albatrosys", Spanish "Patrulla Aguila", Swedish "Team 60", Swiss Air Force "Patrouille Suisse" and "PC-7 Team", United States Air Force "Thunderbirds", United States Navy "Blue Angels" and lately with the Yugoslavian "Letece Zvesdes".
His work and certainly the most wonderfull aviation pictures are published in different books or magazine like Air Force Monthly, Code One magazine and many others.
ook references : "Smoke Trails": The last of the F-4 Phantoms,  "Super Blue", "Top Teams", "Patrouille Suisse", "Frecce Tricolori" and recently "Silver Wings" about the Croatian Air Force. These are books you certainly need on you bookshelve...


Sbap team would like to thank Sven, Edith, "Uli" and "Katsu" for this memorable and unforgettable evening.


"The" world air to air photographer : "Katsu" A great moment in the life of SBAP team