New Book : Tango Blue


A pictorial Overview of European Union Air Power

Presented officialy during Beauvechain Airshow 2010, this book is a photographic summary of the various air arms that constitute the European Union.
The authors, Kolonel Peter "Patja" Stams and Johan Wolfs, propose a majority of air to air pictures with some colorfull military aircraft and also mixed formations of European nations aircraft. Hard covered, the book contains 160 pages full colors in format 300 x 210. The text is written in three languages (French, Dutch and English). Price 36.00.
This is one of the books edited in 2010 you need to have if you are a military aviation enthusiast.
Revenues of this publication will be passed on to FONAVIBEL, the National Air Fund for Victims of Belgian Aviation

Th book can be ordered at FONAVIBEL :

You need to have it in your aviation shelve !